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Transforming To Salvation Is The Personal Decision Of The Individual’s Internal Soul


Christians believe in God as the creator of the universe and everything that is under the sun. Also, there is the belief in Jesus Christ as the son of God who came on earth to save the whole world from sins. Therefore, to be saved is the transformation from a sinful life to a new life of salvation.

A. Choosing salvation is a personal decision to be transformed into a new life and behaviour.

1. No one is born when he or she is saved; it is individual decision to move from sin and avail his life to Jesus Christ.

2. The sinner should be brought to church to receive the good news of the Load so that they can change their life.

3. It was important for everyone to be informed about the way of salvation before being saved. Thus, church leaders should preach and teach individuals about salvation until they develop the feeling of being saved.

B. The individual feeling of salvation is different based on the environment they come from.

1. No one has true information about the appearance of God and Jesus Christ, but we just believe they exist, and the individuals feel the Lord differently at His moment.

2. No one should promise that you will see or feel Jesus as Langston was promised by his aunt, who made him watch the appearance of Jesus so that he would be saved.

3. God works at his moment based on the faith of the individual but not on the beliefs of fellow followers.

C. No one should be forced to salvation without the feeling of being saved.

1. The church leader should preach the gospel, not force an individual into salvation. It’s the feeling of the individual that will lead him to salvation.

2. Everyone should give time to understand salvation life and develop their personal feeling to save without pressure from the followers like Langston and Westley we force to salvation.

3. According to the bible, Jesus requests individuals to follow Him after teaching and preaching the gospel, but not forcing them. Therefore, church leaders should teach and preach the gospel and then request sinners to be saved.


Therefore, salvation is the personal belief in the ways of Jesus Christ. It is believed from your soul, not from other people’s souls. After being transformed into salvation, one gets the Holy Spirit that guides him or her holy life.



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