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Trader Joe’s Reaction

Trader Joe is one of the supermarkets that offers the best services than any other in the neighborhood. Trader Joe aims at providing the suitable and satisfying customer experience through the workers. The employees’ dispositions, interactions, and personalities are much heightened and noticeable. The author of At Trader Joe’s, Good Cheer May Hide Complaints by Noam Schreiber article address various issues employers and employees encounter in their workplaces.

Emotional labor vs. emotional care. Emotional work is essential in an occupation that requires straight faces interaction with clients or customers. Worker behavior and emotion monitoring by the manager is frequent to ensure the standards of an organization or the company is maintained or raised through their service to customers. The employers should intervene in the emotional labor of its works when the company is guaranteed a steady and sustained demand without consideration of interactive quality services and when employers doubt workers’ quality emotional labor as being useful to the organization. As a result, they tend to come up with ways to ensure that workers adhere. The relationship between workers and employers can be estranged when they are monitored.

Employers can manage good working interaction services by; selection-only workers who meet a particular criterion as per the company expectations should be chosen and employed. Training-technology can be used to guide new employees on how to do a job. Scripting rules-rules and regulations should be well stipulated. Finally, monitoring which should implement the use of surveillance systems to control workers behavior. Trader Joe failed to meet the needs of his crew members and instead imposed a harsh punishment for their misconduct such as reprehension. He does not implement the above methods to run the company. For healthy performance or productivity of the people and economy, it is significant that workers have a feeling of connection and encouragement at work


Noam Schreiber, (2016). At Trader Joe’s, Good Cheer May Hide Complaints The New York Times.



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