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Trader Joe Essay

Trader Joe is one of the supermarkets that offers the best services than any other in the neighborhood. Trader Joe aims at providing the suitable and satisfying customer experience through the workers.  The employees’ dispositions, interactions, and personalities are much heightened and noticeable. The author of At Trader Joe’s, Good Cheer May Hide Complaints by Noam Schreiber article try to argue how other branches of Trader Joe in some other regions have strict employee work performance monitoring.  Trader Joe has put up measures that maintain and ensure there is work satisfaction among workers but in the real sense, their relationship internally and toward the organization at large is wanting.

There are a number of ways or conditions that may force a manager to be involved in employees’ emotion work for the betterment of the services provided by the company. Some of the conditions may include; when there is remarkable connection in the success of the company and the nature of interaction between the employee and the client. And secondly, when the manager leans that the employees are not willing to put in much effort in their emotional works under no supervisions from the employers. This would apply in cases where emotional labors are directly affecting the success of the enterprise.

The managers at Trader Joe are highly misusing these methods of interventions for the success of their business. For instance, in Trader Joe’ there is a high connection in the success of their enterprises and the interaction between the client and the employee. This, however, is misused by the managers as portrayed in the case of employees being reprimanded for talking with one another for a minute or two! Which is a violation of the right of employees to express their views.

There was a very tight supervision on the employees by their manager at Trader Joe’ where the employers ensured the relationship between the customers and the workers were well established through facial expression and ones’ conduct towards the customer. A worker was to be cheerful throughout. Workers were being mistreated, demoralized and reprimanded for petty things, for instance, sipping water, faking a smile and apologizing for very tiny mistakes such as being spotted looking confused. You are forced to remain cheerful even when things did not seem right.


Noam Schreiber, (2016). At Trader Joe’s, Good Cheer May Hide Complaints The New York Times.



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