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To Evaluate the Current Trends in the Workplace and the Need for Change

Minutes of the Meeting

The meeting was called by the Chairperson to discuss and know the current environment of the workplace on 3-4-2018 at 9 am at the office. The attendees of the conference were:

  • Chairperson
  • Workplace Manager
  • HR manager

The availability of each participant was checked before the meeting. Also, they were notified about the agenda and timings of the meeting. It was advised that they should bring all the facts and information regarding the monotonous environment at the workplace and present the findings with facts that how it is affecting employee’s performance in the workplace. Once the members gathered, the chairperson formally introduced the reason for gathering, and the meeting was officially initiated. The participants were requested to present their findings in favour of or against the agenda. The information or data gathered was replicated and distributed to each participant of the meeting so that it becomes easier while discussing the info. While Discussing the workplace environment, following considerations were kept in view:

  • Ethical perspective
  • Moral grounds
  • Health needs
  • Motivation
  • Spiritual enhancement

Prior Meeting Minutes

The chairperson has called this meeting for the particular subject for the first time as the office environment seemed monotonous to him and even the employees were not motivated enough in their daily attendance at the office. Thus, a change was felt. The meeting was arranged on the mentioned date within the office premises to ensure that the positive change will be projected in the work environment. The agenda to be discussed during the meeting is stated below:

  • The need for change
  • What possible solution lies keeping in view the ethical and moral values
  • What type of change will entice the work environment
  • Will this change has positive impact on the overall work environment
  • How a replacement will be disseminated throughout the workplace
  • Does it suit every employee?


The meeting is arranged to change the workplace environment for boosting the morale of employees at the workplace. It was observed that the monotonous climate of the workplace was affecting the overall performance of the employees. Initially, the workplace manager was requested to present the findings. Once the Workplace manager gave all the employee reviews and the facts for the effect of monotonous environment on the workplace, then the HR manager was requested to propose the potential solution in light of the employment laws so that the business ethnicity could be maintained. The shortlisted answer was recorded to be discussed at next meeting after getting approval from the board of directors.

Action Items

  • Check that if any employment laws are violated due to the proposed changes
  • The cost for incorporating modifications shall not affect the overall budget of the business
  • Date and Time of Next Meeting: ——————-
  • Chairperson: ——————–
  • Meeting Location: ———————-
  • Email this report to: ———————-



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