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Thinking, Learning, and Literacy in the Internet Age

Every former generation believes that the current one is deficient. However, we have a real problem with the schools. Reading scores on standardized tests of students are declining in recent years and many teachers, parents and business leaders are worried about the use of the internet by current generations and their rejection of books had a negative effect on their reading comprehension skills. I write an article to raise the standard scores of children and their interest by providing pros and cons of the new technologies. Over the past few years, the rise of social media platform and growth in digital technologies have revolutionized the way in which people share and communicate information. The emergence of new communication technologies has impacted the society positively and negatively. Political, social culture and economic structures of the contemporary society have been greatly affected due to the development of new technologies.

It has been observed that most of the students find difficulty about the normal life without making use of social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. It has clearly seen that most of the student’s busy reading and chatting stories online during lectures, instead of practicing and reading they waste a lot of time chatting with families and friends, they have no idea what they have learned in school. Many students don’t concentrate on their studies, they just stick to their gadgets, and this is really a harmful idea to waste leisure time on social media without gaining anything. Face to face communication and traditional reading lost due to the excessive use of these new technologies. The overuse of computers, tabs, mobile phone, lead to many health problems. So that new technology hinder the growth of reading skills of the students and increase the failure rate.

But now a day as technology is growing fast, social media provides many platforms for the students to learn more e.g. YouTube provides the wider knowledge for the students to watch. Students can join various groups through an online platform such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and much more help the students to gain information about the related course of study. Through data and information gathering, students can increase their knowledge and enhance their academic performance. They can build various assignments easily by gathering information related to the assignments on social media. The Internet provides the students to connect more people and know each other and solve the problems easily by discussions.

Considering all of the above facts, it is essential to develop certain regulations over the use of such social networking site, especially for high school students. When parents are involved in their children’s academic level, the kids performed well so the parent-teacher conference is an effective way to stay informed. It is held at least once or twice a year to know about the progress of the students. Teachers should provide the assessments of reading books and novels at home will increase the students reading ability. Conduct workshops for students to understand how to find the best places for research and how to analyze all the sites. Send your students to the internet to do research on specific topic. Indulge the students in class activities by providing case studies and some videos to read in order to build interest. Providing home internet access to low income students will improve standardized reading test scores and school grades, these are the students who would typically not be reading in their leisure time. Parents should encourage the morality in their children as this will reduce the level of addiction to social networking among students. So that will enhance the creativity and analytical skills of students and written and reading skill will also be improved with the use of the internet.



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