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Theory and Practice of News Reporting

Ideally, the existence of various bodies to convey news is the main reason for the discrepancies that exist on most occasions. Instead of getting facts right, these bodies, in most occasion tend to display what the audience might feel like listening to in such an instance. The effect of such is detrimental and is the main cause of perception since the audience tends to fill the gap. Bloomberg BusinessWeek is one of the centrist publications and tends to relate the aspect of global warming to the business prospects and fail to exploit on the human aspects of the same. That is an aspect that limits the understanding and makes it an uphill task to comprehend the causes and impact of the same in the habitat. The leadings, in this case, is always misleading and align with the story that interests the publisher. The liberal source such as the nation always presents the information as it is and that is one of the key steps to be taken in having the information right in the eyes of the audience. Even though that arises, internal conflicts are the main cause for manipulation of such sources and that most arise due to self-interest.

Scientific America normally takes in the lead in omitting the follow-up stories. Readers are thwarted from gaining the full body of information and that limits in making a crucial judgement based on the piece. Moreover, it is hard to comprehend the information presented, and that normally limits the readers from understanding the best solutions to be implemented in combating the cause. Newsweek suffered from the contraction at one point in time and strived to improve the finances. As a consequence, most of the news relayed and most importantly was aimed at obtaining financial mileage. The government, as well as other businesses prospects, took the advantage to manipulate the content of the information displayed for self-gain. The data presented never matched the real findings and that is the main cause of discrepancies.



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