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The Role of “Grit” in Achievement

It is a common belief that determination to achieve something is the basis of the effort we put into its pursuit. Without an underlying desire and passion to realize one’s dreams, all talent is wasted as it is grit that transforms potential into reality and talent into observable skill. The world is filled with people whose talent knows no bounds, yet the frequency of people able to earn a name for themselves and actualizing their dreams is far less. Essentially, the question that comes to mind is that what sets the achievers apart from the non-achievers and the role of grit comes under argument. This essay aims to determine the degree to which grit determines one’s ability to achieve.

Defined as desire and perseverance for meaningful long-term goals, grit is an essential trait for endurance and persistence over an extended period. Overcoming adversity, recovering from defeat, and learning from failed attempts, are characterized as components of grit (Shirk, 2020; Duckworth, 2013). Since grit can be considered as the opposite of quitting – its role in achievement is essential however, it is just one part of the equation. Determination is inoperable without interest and hard work. Duckworth highlights the importance of grit and postulates that this positive drive is more important than talent – her premise is based on the notion that if one possesses grit then they can also achieve talent and enhance their skill (2013).

The ability to commit to a task and not giving up at the slightest setbacks, not only takes the person a long way but also enables them to seek a solution thereby activating the mind and leading to action. Conclusively, I believe that grit is highly significant to achievement as it is an amalgamation of the emotions such as passion; cognition in the form of active thinking about the goal; and psychomotor efforts for its attainment.

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