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The reconstruction which was happened in the mid 1800

According to historian, the reconstruction which was happened in the mid 1800 was the success for the United States of America because it helped making it a unified nation. All the states which were once against the federation and rebelled against the central government came to an agreement on all the amendments during that time including thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteen. This period of reconstruction also helped in the end to solve the problem on the federalism which was happening since 1790. After the civil war ended, the reunification of the country was started by the President Lincoln which gained the objective of restoring the union

Few of the historian suggested that the reconstruction was the failure due many key issues were still remained in the United States of America. Those issues were the racial and slavery including the social approach f southern side. Right after the civil war when the troops was been removed the owners of slaves once again captivate the African Americans and started the pattern of brutal treatment which was they doing before. The United America granted rights to every state of legislation and the politicians from south passed such laws which took all the rights from the blacks. The pardon was permitted to rebels despite of the pressure of giving them the punishment but Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction provided to rebel.

There were a lot of problems which were left after the first reconstruction and for those problems second reconstruction needed to happen. Those laws which southern were reluctant to implement were implemented by second reconstructions. It gave the rights to military commanders to register votes and took the oath from others so that one federal system could be implemented. The other issue was black and civil rights of people which were not implemented but second reconstruction helped it implement.




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