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In the Problem with evil, Ever since man first came on this planet, he has been debating about God and His existence. The Early Man lived on a wild world, where there were very few other humans and no one to support him. Hence, he felt scared of the things he saw and felt. It made him turn towards a God because he thought that God would protect him from all evil.

In the Problem with evil, Initially, the man argued with one God and multiple gods. Some men thought that everything that had significant power could be classified as having a superpower and be called god. While others believed that there was only one God who managed everything on his own. These people who believe in god are called Theists. They are also the ones who believe in the various religions.

Later, with the passage of time, a group of people emerged, who claimed that there might not be a God. They say that the Early Man believed in God for his benefit. The Atheists claim that the Earth and all its matters are managed naturally, and science is the code that runs it. The leading argument atheists have with theists is, that the theists believe that there is a God, which protects all living beings from evil. They claim that if religious people are affected by the darkness, it is clear that the power they worship is not God or, there is no God at all.

A real-life incident justifies the Atheist’s ideas. The attack on Pakistani blogger; Malala Yousufzai, a teenage activist prove that the very people who continue to believe in God are vulnerable. Malala and her family refused to migrate when the Taliban took over their city. They thought that God would protect them. However, in the end, the poor girl had to suffer at her own expense. Had they judged the Taliban, and had not trusted that an unseen God would protect them, the poor girl would have been living a healthy life.



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