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The Power of Language by prof Weis and Dr. Thomas Analysis

The Power of Lanuage by prof Weis and Dr. Thomas reflect upon the socialiologicaland psychological aspects of language and how it possesses the power in itself through words and speech. The authors explain how language possesses itself power of a very special kind. The relation of language and power is ambivalent.  The spoken words of language and their interpretation is important; the power language posseses can be used for the rhetorical persuation as the speaker uses his words to persuade another person. The authors claim that people who have better command over a language can use it as a power; language becomes their instrument of power which becomes their empowerment. The interpretations of different people may differ but the language gives society a new power. The language helps to promote science and mathematics which is indespensible for modern society. The language can also increase social cohesion of people  in a society; people attain better consciousness of themselves through language and environment around them.

The Kiss by Julia Alvarez is a novel which focus on the girl named sofia and her three sisters. Her sisters envied her due to her beauty and tenderness, her father also loved her. She was powerful girl in the house and wanted to reconcile with her father after getting married. Father felt a bit rejected because sofia and her sister had hurt his feelings over the years; the father was kind enough to accept their repentence and forgave them compassionately. Sofia had to work hard to win the trust of her father again and solve the problem. The bad things sofia did made her look like a rebel to her father, she and her son both repented in the end. The will of their father to forgive them was strong while papi still walked his own path and ignored the good things Sofia did for her father. Sofia had a great influence of American culture while her father wanted her to remain a virgin; but the generation gap and culture forced Sofia to rebel from her father when she was young. Thatwas the weakening point of their relationship



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