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The Political Party Evolution


Understanding the political party which exists in the country is necessary for building the conception of government and democracy. The political party is the group of those people who are representing the ideas and demands of public while make the democracy workable. The state machinery is run by the government and those people who will run the state machinery are being selected through those political parties. They first present their manifesto which is the plan which aims to bring the well-being in the country. This well-being plan helps in bringing them into the government (Bailyn, 26). Furthermore, the essay analyzed the evolution of politics and political parties in United States of America along with the two party system existence.


The political party evolution started with the Federalist when Hamilton and few of the other leaders with the aim of establishing the central government. The first ever political party in the United States of America was the Federalist Party and the year was 1787. The next political party was formed was when Jefferson stood against the Federalist in 1796 and created Anti-Federalist party. Those who were part of the Anti-Federalists group were known as Democratic Republicans. The supporters of the party belonged to different region of America. Those who were from the North side and belonged to the professions such as bankers and industrialists supported Federalist Party. Those who were from the south side with the profession of farming supported Anti-federalist party.

Realigning elections were part of the political change in the United States of America, when the elections started to take place which was process of replacing one party with other. The realigning election also refers as the national election of America in which changes were made in leaders of parties, demographic and regional power of the parties which leads the America to new structure of political power. America is known as the two party system, not because it only has two parties but only two parties are dominating the politics of the America. The two party system is defined as having any two parties in the country but despite of having several other political parties America is still dominating by only two parties (McCarty et al., 17).

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