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The Omelas story

Plot summary

Omelas represents a community that lives near a beautiful sea. The Omelas story comes up when the community is celebrating the summer festival. However, it happens that during the celebration, one child is left to suffer underneath the town and forced to stay in horrible conditions. The celebrating crowd later learns of the suffering child. Many of them feel frustrated and decide to leave the town for good.

Why didn’t he do anything for the child?

Indeed, none of the people come to aid the suffering child. The first reason for neglect is that it takes longer to determine the existence of such a child. As such, they continue to celebrate without knowing that a child is suffering and thus cannot offer help. On the other hand, the observers keep the child in horrible conditions intentionally. Thus, they use children for experiments and to teach people the difference between justice and injustice. Therefore, helping the child out of the situation would render the intended lesson useless. Some other people are too afraid to learn of the situation of the child. They, therefore, fear that the same could happen to them and thus choose to walk away. Some also fear that an attempt to rescue the child would lead them into problems.

What could I do in place of the observer?

If I was in the place of the observer, I would consider offering help to the child. Therefore, I would consider taking the child out of the cage and leading him to safety. Using the child to teach people about the value of justice is quite irresponsible. The situation subjected to the child is quite inhuman and, therefore, betrays the experiment as well as the intended mission. I would instead suggest the use of another method of teaching the people the difference between justice and injustice.



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