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The Need To Care For And Gain The Trust Of Children

This week’s lessons have emphasized the need to care for and gain the trust of children. The major part of the class emphasized caring for children by adopting learning approaches that support learning. Instructors should be able to care for their students by acting like parents and providing for both their physical and psychological needs.

The two case examples of teachers who took personal initiative to attend to the needs of children are inspirational and an example that should be emulated. I have learned that being open to children can allow them to gain trust in their teacher, which can improve their grades and psychological development.

The three readings put much emphasis on caring by doing exceptional things for the student. The reading on Mr. Sosa and is inspiring as it portrays a selfless teacher who uses his resources and time to prepare food for his students. The teacher has cultivated a culture of caring, which has resulted in an improvement in the relationship with his students. The same can be said about Chase’s teacher, who adopted teaching approaches that helped fight violence in school and changed the lives of many students. The two readings provided a unique example that should be emulated by other teachers. Children should be taken care of through simple gestures that make them feel appreciated. The actions of these teachers might look simple, but they will remain in the hearts of these students.

The knowledge gained this week will be instrumental in my future career. As I plan to pursue a career in education, I believe that the knowledge gained in this class will be necessary for my teaching career. I have learned that instructors should be selfless by taking personal initiative to take care of others. Focusing on actions that can touch and inspire future generations will be the basis of my teaching. I believe that other students seeking to pursue a career in education and current teachers should read this information. The information will shape the thinking of this target audience by helping them to review their teaching strategies.



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