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The Need Of Website Standards and Guidelines


In simple website designs, users want the website elements to behave in a specific way. The confusion occurs when website design becomes complicated along with the complex functionality of website elements. The overall concept of “Web design” is very confusing. The web is usually designed by individuals more than it is designed by individual project teams. Currently, users are considering and viewing the web as a whole integrated component as it is also built by site designers as a whole component. Many websites cannot fit in the big picture and they can’t be used as it varies from the traditional benchmark or standard. There are many design components that are very common and users expect to behave in a certain way. Following are the standardization levels defined:


Almost eighty percent of the websites have adopted the same design method. End users expect common elements to be performed in a certain way when they visit the website because that is the way things always work.


Almost fifty to seventy-nine percent of the websites have adopted the same design method. End users expect common elements to be performed in a certain way when they visit the website because that is the way things usually work.


In websites where elements are confusing and the design methods do not dominate. At most, forty-nine percent of websites adopt the most popular approach. In such a complicated website design, the elements are confusing and people usually don’t know what to expect and how elements work when they visit a new site.

New Trends:

The Website design standard and guidelines are necessary to remove confusing design elements of the website and we should follow the design conventions of the website. Therefore, we should establish and define standards and guidelines for every important website design and task.

The advanced websites of 2017 will utilize credible pictures and full-width or full-screen format to depict genuine, energetic, moral individuals and items. The essential route will be decreased to the exceptionally least, and different connections will be accessible through the ‘hamburger’ navigation, huge menus, and logical route. Extraordinary websites of 2017 will utilize immediate, enticing language and will utilize numbers to exhibit their accomplishments. Responsiveness, small-scale connections, and vast, strong pictures keep on dominating the web, however, they are just successful if site execution and page stack times are sensible and they should work in a way that most of the users expect. This can be achieved by following the website design guidelines and standards.

Challenges for Website Designers:

There’s no conclusion to new patterns in designing Links, Buttons, Scrollbars, and so on for the web. We have ‘Hamburger’ menu symbols, horizontal scrolling, ghost buttons etc. While they look and feel astonishing, you need to pause for a minute to ask yourself: “Are they making clients’ lives troublesome?” As somebody who is paid to remember clients and ease of use consistently, UI planners need to guarantee their items are usable, open, and beautiful: in a specific order. Buttons are for prompt activity and ought to be plainly noticeable. Flat looking over might be utilized as a part of a particular setting, however with the unavoidable symptom of confounding the hell out of clients. So be cautioned.



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