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The Nature of Love Essay

It is difficult to measure, define and to even understand love. Generally, love is termed as a powerful emotion between individuals whether lovers, friends or family. Love is an overwhelming emotion and can be expressed and experienced in numerous ways. Due to this, writing a love definition is very complicated and almost impossible since every individual have a diverse perception of what love is. In this essence, the true nature and meaning of love is experiencing and expressing the feelings and the emotional connection and bonds between individuals. In this paper, several literary works: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, love’s vocabulary by Diane Ackerman and I loved you first: but afterwards your love by Christina Rossetti, are put into consideration in the bit to understand, analyze and explain the nature and true meaning of love.

There are two different types of love known as affectionate and romantic love. Romantic love is deemed to be passionate and comprises of strong feelings of excitement, desire and longing which are directed to a special person. As indicated by characters in Shakespeare’s story, Romeo and Juliet are involved in a romantic type of love which results to the author referring them as “star crossed lovers.” As quoted from the story “but soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun.” this indicates that the characters are in love with each other and also have strong romantic feelings for one another. Additionally, romantic love involves emotional values and people involved in this type of love are engaged in intimate activities to express how they love each other. This is indicted by Rossetti when she says “ I loved and guesed at you, you construed me.” In the contarary, affectionate love is experienced when a person adores someone and has the desire to keep the person near. In regards to Ackerman point of view, the author explains the concept of affectionate love by giving examples. For instance, “when a mother tell her son ‘mommy loves you.” The quote indicates a clear reflect of affectionate love which is in this sense referred as unconditional parental love which is shared between mothers and children unconditionally.

Love is unconditional and voluntary and can result to adverse effects if it is forced. According to Ackerman, love’s vocabulary, lovers should ask each other: “do you love me?” or “will you love me less if I don’t do what you say?”. This means that love is voluntary and every person has the right to choose who to love in free will. Also, Shakespeare describes love to be voluntary and unconditional when Romeo asks Juliet, “ why give thee love to someone who does not value thee.”. this indicates that it is inappropriate for someone to force another person to loving him/her when the other person does not have any emotional feelings towards them. further, this claim is supported by Rossetti when she argues that, “ Rich love knows nought of thine that is not mine” and “with separate ‘I’ and ‘thou’ free love has done.” The first quote indicates that “rich love” based on mutual feeling and individuals should accept if other persons does not feel the same. Lastly, the second quote indicates that love is unconditional and without limitations or selfish conditions.

In conclusion, although love is a complicated term to define due to different views of different people, it is based on mutual feelings that define the type of love between individuals. Both romatic and affectionate love are perceived to be unconditional and voluntary in order to gain the full value and true meaning of love.

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