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The National Association For The Education Of Young Children

The National Association for the Education of Young Children provides the necessary and effective approach to provide the necessary assistance to families about the learning paradigm of their children. NAEYC establishes the ten main standards related to the educational programs for children. These particular standards can be considered as the basic criteria to establish the effective form of childhood learning and education. It is notable to mention that these particular standards are established with the proper guidance of different experts and educators.

A good preschool for your child is one of the crucial concerns related to all the standards determined by the particular education program of NAEYC. It comes with the necessary consideration of specific education programs related to the paradigm of quality of preschool education. It is effectively based on different curricula and teaching strategies to develop the necessary approach to learning in the case of children. These particular programs can be effectively categorized as the facet of the developmentally appropriate learning approach. It provides the necessary guidelines to the teachers to effectively consider the specific forms of strength, needs, interests, and cultural background of the children to effectively align them with the prospect of learning (“What to look for in a program,” 2018).

The documentary “The Raising of America” provides the necessary insights into the features of early childhood and the future of the nation, with the proper consideration of the health and development of children. This particular documentary provides the guidelines that the role of society is crucial in the overall development process of children in their early years. It is crucial to understand that the surroundings and the events of early childhood play a crucial role in the development of different cognitive and emotional abilities and the overall growth of children.



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