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In Leonardo to the Internet, Thomas J. Misa provides a broad history of the connection amongst innovation and society in recent years while disclosing how scientific developments have formed and have been molded by way of life in which they emerged. Crossing the pre-industrial revolution, the period of consistent political, scientific and mechanical upheavals, and also the later times of dominion, innovation, and international security, this impressive work assesses what Misa calls the demand of technology and expertise. Misa conveys his acclaimed message by looking at how the present-day unmaintainable energy frameworks, insecure data systems, and susceptible worldwide shipment have helped in geopolitical dangers and unsteadiness. An incredible investigation of how innovative technology and culture have affected each other in more than five centuries, Leonardo to the Internet outlines a history that lights up the problematic issues and predictions faced by our world which is entirely relying on the technology.

In real life, however, technological innovations are results of continuous societal and communal procedures. In Leonardo to the Internet, Thomas J. Misa gives an impressive revealing on how technological developments have been molded by way of life in which they emerged and how such advancements have formed these societies. Starting his version at the beginning of the “innovative” age, Misa studies the junction of innovation, governmental issues, and ethos in the Renaissance courts of Western Europe; the part of technological innovation in Holland’s business development; the various “means” to and through Britain’s machine-driven uprising. The connections among technological innovation, colonialism, and trading and business in the nineteenth century; and the utilization of scientific revelations in chemical science and physical science to business in Germany and the U.S in the twentieth century was also put into focus (“Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembered: Movies,” 2018).

Misa at that point analyzes the presentation of mass-production of buyer merchandise and their effect on day to day life and innovator susceptibilities. The ascent of the military-industrialized multifaceted in World War II and the technology developments produced in the Cold War by the command-and-control frugality; and the rise of a worldwide culture of technological advancement since the 1970s was also discussed. The work closes with a provoking description placing out the technical varieties we confront nowadays and bearing in mind their effect on the kind of culture we wish for our prospect.


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