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Mass Shooting in the United States

Crime is generally considered by the common people as one of the most significant issues facing our society, and aggressive criminality is considered the most significant and scary sort of crime.

Where crime is usually considered an uncontrollable issue that is hard to diminish through deliberate authority’s effort, many proclaimed that it, however, may be minimized by the regulation of weapons, especially gun violence that uses assault rifles.

The mass shooting in very recent times in Los Angeles and Florida has led the people of the United States to stand against it and demand action. The nation is demanding a ban on weapons or some policies to take care of gun violence. On the other hand, the President stressed the need to address mental health issues and not rise any gun control issues. Looking at the particular event shooting in Florida, a journalist from The Wall Street Journal thinks that the governor should be at a bad or typical spot to address the issue and come up with some policy to control gun violence because the mass shooting happened with his constituents who are demanding actions. In order to prevent gun violence, particularly gun violence that uses assault riffle, we should adopt a new approach which is “a public health approach”. While the liberal approach is not effective, we should go for the public health approach instead. A ban on such weapons may reduce the mass shooting rate, but if a person intends to kill someone, he/she can find any weapon to fulfill his/her evil goals. The second amendment affirms that occupants don’t have an individual right to have weapons and that neighborhood, state, and government administrative bodies in this manner have the expertise to alter guns without embroiling a protected legitimately. More gun control laws can control and reduce gun deaths, but these laws do not determine the crime, the owner of these guns does. Gun control is required but more of that its education is needed and gun safety is required to prevent these gun violence incidents.



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