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The Latest Shopping Trends and Their Impact on Shopping Experience by Comparing Online Shopping trend with physical shopping

The purpose of this paper is to learn and compare the latest shopping trends and their impact on shopping experience by comparing online shopping trend with physical shopping. The strategies of online shopping retailers and traditional retailers have been analyzed. Users have multiple options to purchase one product online or physically. In this report, I compared two online retailers (Amazon and Apple) with two physical stores (Best Buy Mobile and Apple Store) for purchasing IPhone. Finally, I have discussed some recommendations for improving online and in stores shopping experience.


I have selected Apple IPhone as the product to compare the two shopping experiences. When a user goes for purchasing a product online or from physical stores, he/she have plenty of options to do that. For example, if a customer considers online shopping for IPhone, a lot of websites including Amazon and online Apple store along with websites for particular mobile brands are available. A user can go to any of the websites and purchase the product according to their preferences. However, if a user wants to buy the product from a physical store, he/she will encounter numerous options to do that ranging from Apple physical stores to other retailers selling the same product.

There are some key factors every user consider while purchasing a product. The first element is the price. The user will look for the lowest price possible. If online stores are offering a discount, the customer will more likely purchase the product online. The second element is the delivery charges or shipping charges and the return policy on the product in case of damage. If the shipping charges are high consumer may consider physical store shopping. The third factor is how convenient it is for the user to go and find the desired product and how much time it will take. The fourth element is the variety of the product the shops have. Customer demands variety and prefers to purchase the product from where they can get maximum options.

Shopping Comparison

The four-element user considers before purchasing a product is price, delivery charges, convenience, and variety. Now I will compare both shopping trends based on these four criteria. First comes the price. I need to purchase an IPhone, so I will search online for the lowest prices and compare the online pricing each website is giving me. Starting from Amazon, I will check the price and go to online apple store to compare the prices both websites are giving me. After finding the lowest online price, I will check nearby physical stores such as Apple store and Best Buy Mobile store to see the price. If I get the low price at the physical store, I will prefer to buy IPhone from there.

The second factor is considering shipping charges or re-shipping charges in case of damage product from an online purchase. Amazon offers free shipping in the USA and takes 7 to 9 business days to deliver the product while Apple offers free shipping too but charge tax according to the state. Which makes Amazon a better option. If the actual price and shipping price together is higher than the price I was getting at Apple physical store or Best Buy store than the second option will be better to shop the IPhone.

The third element is convenience. Online purchasing is considered best in regards to convenience. It saves time, energy and the money, I have to spend on gas and parking. I don’t have to spare time and drive somewhere to buy a product. I can just place an order on one of the websites and wait for my package to arrive on the due date. Online shopping has drastically changed the traditional way of shopping because of its time convenient use. Another important advantage of online shopping is that user can access the website from anywhere and place the order. No need to go to particular place to find the nearby store. One disadvantage I am facing while shopping online is not being able to physically touch and feel the product and check if everything looks fine. Apple store and Best Buy Mobile have relaxed, a friendly comfortable environment where I can sit and examine my IPhone before purchasing it. Another insecurity I am facing is giving my credit card information online as now I am vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The fourth element has variety. Amazon has a wide range of mobile phones on their website featuring almost all major brands while Apple has the brand-specific website and only have Apple products. Because I want to purchase IPhone, but I also like to go through other major brands such as Samsung. It is easy to make a comparison on Amazon with other brand phones. Physical stores usually have larger stock as compare to the online store and have the good range of variety overall. Best Buy Mobile has the same advantage over Apple store as Amazon have on Apple online website. It has more variety regarding mobile brands and accessories.


I prefer online shopping as compare to going to the store. The most important aspect of online shopping has a user-friendly, easy and clean website. When I visited Amazon for the purchase, I could not figure out where to go. It was too crowded with data that it confuses me. Apple, on the other hand, have the much cleaner website and easy to use. I recommend having less information on a current web page and focus only on the product user wants to purchase. Apple website should categorize the new products instead of showcasing only one banner. To improve Best Buy Mobile and Apple store shopping experience, I would recommend multiple store locations and improved customer care services.


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