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The Invention of Tradition in Colonial Africa

The Invention of Tradition in Colonial Africa is a chapter which was written by Ranger Terence and incorporated as chapter six of the Invention of Tradition. In this chapter, Ranger discusses the invention, introduction, and application of the European tradition in Africa. According to the author, the Europeans invented a tradition of monarchy, republicanism, military, education, and ecclesiastical. In his research, Ranger established that, just like any other culture, the European tradition progressed with time. For example, between 1870 and 1890, the tradition flourished before it was spread to Africa during the colonial period.

After reading and understanding The Invention of Tradition in Colonial Africa, I would like to point out that Rangers presented an accurate account of history. It is true that the Europeans created a peculiar kind of tradition to define themselves. In their culture, the Europeans valued education because they considered it as a means of civilization. As an advanced society, the Europeans decided to colonial countries in other contents across the globe. The inversion of countries in Asia, Africa, and America made the European powers to assert their dominant position in the globe. I agree with Ranger’s observations because when the white settlers decided to relocate to the colonized countries, they took advantage of their dominance to exercise control over the locals. However, this control was not restricted to politics but extended to cover the cultural, social, and economic aspects.

The author of The Invention of Tradition in Colonial Africa is right because the Europeans believed in the tradition of superiority. The decision of the white settlers to grab African land, refute African culture, and impose the European civilization on the Africans is a clear justification that they were committed to spreading their tradition beyond Europe. Because of this, I support the chapter as an accurate depiction of the European expansionist history.



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