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The History of Cakes

The cake is a sweet and baked dessert. In its earliest forms, cakes were simply baked bread sweetened with honey. But nowadays cakes are most commonly available sweet food and covers a wide range of recipes.

As we catch the word cake a round mound with a topping of some kind of icing flashes in mind. But cake is not just a sweet bread, but it has a huge history. In English language, word cake was first time used in 1390’s. In more initial days cakes were called kayaks or kaka. Until 15th-century cakes were not even included in sweet dishes. For almost two hundred years cakes were knocked along and got not much attention.

The origin of cake dates back to earliest times. The first cake was very different than the present day cakes. Ancient cakes were simple bread covered with butter and honey. Some nuts and dry fruits were also added. Baking experts were found in the ancient Egyptians according to many food history writers. In Oxford English dictionary the word cake was introduced in the 13th century. Primitive Europeans used to bakes gingerbreads and fruitcakes. Food historians claim that modern cakes were first baked in Europe in the 17th century. Till that time baking industry was slightly developed and ingredient most importantly, sugar was available in plenty. At that time a different type of moulds was famous for shaping cakes. Cake pans were also used to bake cakes. Various kinds of icing were prepared from eggs and sugar. After pouring the icing on the top, the cake was baked again for a few seconds to make a hard and glossy topping.

Cakes were not as wonderfully baked as today even until the 19th century. In some old books, recipes for different layer cakes using butter, cream, sugar flouring are available. Antonin Careme is known as the historic cook of the modern cake and pastry in France.

Primarily bread and cakes were considered same, and both terms were used interchangeably for the same kind of small bread. Now those cakes are often named as biscuits. Greek people called Plakous instead of cakes which means flat. These cakes were made up of honey and nuts. Through roman era, the cake was named as placenta or libum. Roman cakes or placenta were most likely cheese cakes or pastries. They were presented as an offering to god. Cakes were baked on special events because very excellent and expensive material were used as ingredients. At that time cake was thought as rich people’s food. Back in 18th century yeast was discovered and introduced in a cake for raising purpose. The cake was considered as a sign of wellbeing in America, and every region has its flavor. By 19th century baking became easier and affordable due to industrial revolutions there was a massive production of ingredients.

Varieties of cake

There are various classifications of cake, considering its shapes, ingredients and different techniques used.

As there is a clear difference between bread and cakes ab still some bread are categorized as cakes. For example, banana bread can be considered as a cake. Followings are the types of cake according to their basic ingredients.

Shortened cake: it is also known as a conventional, creamed cakes. Solid type of shortening like margarine and butter are used, e.g. devil’s food cake, cheese cake, banana cake and chocolate brownies.

Unshorten cake or sponge type cake:

Yellow sponge cake made with whole egg. White angel cakes made with egg white.

Chiffon cake: these are the combination of shortened and sponge type cakes. Liquid shortening are used in this types of cake, e.g. orange chiffon cake and vanilla chiffon cakes.

Butter cakes: butter cakes are made up of butter, eggs, sugar and flour. Recipe relies on mixing butter and sugar and beating gently. Pound cake is made from one pound of sugar, eggs and butter.

Sponge cakes are made up of beaten eggs, flour and sugar. Maximum air is trapped in the matrix of protein to raise the bread. Sometimes a pinch of baking soda is also added for this purpose.

Chocolate cakes: when melted chocolate and cocoa powder is added to other common ingredients of cake it’s known as chocolate cake. There are large varieties of chocolate cake.

Coffee cake: coffee cakes can be called because in some cases they are served with coffee. But in some cases, coffee is added to the icing. This is also a good combination.

Cheese cakes: cheese cakes are truly not common bread cakes. In fact, these are custard pies with crushed cheese.

Apple sauce cakes: in the twentieth century these cakes were discovered. Actually, they not very traditional cake but are easy to make. Apple syrup fresh and dry apples are used in it.

Banana cake: banana cake or banana bread are interchangeably used terms. In these particular cakes, banana are beaten in the eggs and flour.

Black forest cake: this cake has multiple layers of chocolate sponge cake, cherries and cream

Devil’s Food Cake: it is also known as red devils cake or red velvet cake. This a slightly chocolate cake very beautiful and starting with red colour. Different types of frostings are used in different countries.

Cake mixes: there are many kinds of cakes available in the form of cake mixes. Usually, sugar, flour, flavours and baking soda is used as ingredients. They are commonly available in boxes are packing. Cake mixes provide a diverse and easily available home snack for the people who are not good bakers.



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