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The Feature Of Meditation Of Philosophy By Descartes


The feature of meditation of philosophy written by Descartes and the Dean and the doctors of the theology faculty of Paris is one crucial aspect that defines his opinion about the existence of God. He comes up with two major ideas related to the perspective of the existence of God and the features of the soul. He proposed the view that the paradigms of God and the soul should be assessed and proven by philosophy instead of theology. He focused on the subject of philosophy more than on theology because he believed that atheists could use the approach of criticism on the existence of God. He presented a strong belief in the existence of God and the practices of the Holy Scriptures, which provide necessary directions to humans regarding the different prospects of life. The main focus of the meditation of philosophy provided by Descartes is to consider the ultimate authority of God in the universe and act according to the obligations set by the regional paradigm.

I agree with the particular argument raised by Descartes in the case of the existence of God. He adopts an effective approach to address criticism from non-believers. He presents his argument against the approach of the atheists that the existence of God is out of the question because it only comes up with the element of human affection to him. He successfully reacted to this argument with the response that it is necessary for humans to understand that God is infinite and inexplicable. On the other hand, human minds are finite and limited in their approach; they are not able to understand every facet of all perspectives. His particular argument is valid, namely that the true approach of humans concerning their minds can help them believe in the existence of God. Understanding the natural features also helps to make inferences about the prospect of the soul.



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