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The Era of Cloning Essay

With the use of modern technology man has been able to create life. Scientists have done research and performed successful experiments that have cloned pigs, sheep, and various organs. While there is virtually no limit on cloning animals, there are vast limitations on cloning anything involved with humans. There are people on certain sides saying that man should not be able to create another human through cloning because it goes against their religious alignment. Religion should not be able to hold humanity back in advancing to the future, to help the wellbeing of all mankind. The cloning of human parts such as organs, tissue, muscle, etc. Should not be hindered because of its health benefits and the cloning of humans, as a whole should not be hindered because it is our natural right to advance as a species and learn what else we can learn about ourselves.

The era of cloning started when the sheep Dolly fabricated in 1996 (CITE). Cloning is actually the procedure of producing genetic copy of an organism through a technique called nuclear transplantation, which is a process of removing a nucleus. Therefore, the sheep was clone through SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer) by eliminating the nucleus from other cell or a skin (mammary gland cell in Dolly’s case). The nucleus further then injected into an egg. Then the engineered egg is stimulated, embryo comes into being asexual reproduction if cloning works. The cloning is complete if this happened. Then if the cloned embryo inserts in a mother, it grows like a natural embryo via the fatal stage to birth. Numerous mammals are now regularly cloned — cattle, pigs, and mice to name a few. Scientist found that monkeys are the difficult species to make through SCNT and they have been not succeed in bringing a cloned monkey to birth until now.

The next step would be to clone humans. As compared with the animal cloning, human cloning has been more technically challenging. A group of scientist and in many scientific journal established outcomes of embryos of cloned human, emerging four of them for almost 10 days in a dish to the blastocyst stage ( around 150-200 cells). The stage of blastocyst is a stage in which embryos manufactured in vitro generally inserted if they are to be gestate to birth. The purpose of recent research was not that. The process called “therapeutic cloning” —instead, embryonic cell lines manufactured and cloned embryos destroyed. Therefore the human cloning is significant for the research purpose or whether for the birth. It is important in even the medical treatments and in the search of biological knowledge.

Human cloning is better in some ways and it can be worse as well so it is important to learn and understand the arguments from both sides. Human cloning is quite beneficial for the infertile couples to provide biological children, couples who do not conceive a child, in order to have a biological child they clone themselves. It also provide for the lesbian and gay couples to have a child that include parents genes and DNA.

With the properly adoption of human cloning, expanded the medical research in other worlds and cure many medical conditions. In a result of this, cure the most of the deadly and terminal diseases and replace the body parts and organs as well, and improved the medicines. Adult stem cells will be clone to interchange destructive tissues with the therapeutic cloning. With the method of human cloning, body parts, amputated leg and say could be replaced. It can be possible to reproduce the missing body parts and attach to the patient’s leg through surgery. It can also solve the problem of organ donation, patient himself can give healthy tissues and cells that can be used for transplant organ and cloned.



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