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The Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul

The composition of human beings comprises three essential components namely soul, mind, and body. In correspondence with the needs of these components, inner peace, knowledge, and health are present (Woodyard, 2018). Inner peace is a spiritual need of a soul, while knowledge and health are psychological and physical needs, respectively.

The existence of harmony is possible only with the presence of all three requirements. The following essay has glimpsed the effects of yoga on physical and spiritual needs (Woodyard, 2018). A study has proved that it has numerous effects on the improvement of not only physical fitness but also on stress, mental clearness, understanding, and general well-being (Woodyard, 2018). It is meant for all groups of ages and is beneficial equally (Woodyard, 2018). The effect of yoga on both body and mind is described in detail as follows.

At the physical level, there are uncountable ailments that can be cured by yoga. There are different postures (asanas) in yoga that can strengthen the body and create an overall feeling of well-being (JA, 2018). There are a lot of physical issues that are related to our unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle. These issues include diabetes, cardiovascular, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, and many different forms of cancer (JA, 2018). For all of them, yoga has proved to prevent self-diagnosis and care. Though it has not replaced the role of a doctor in an individual’s life, it has been practiced successfully and safely among the billions of people who have never had doctors for years (JA, 2018). Yoga could, therefore, help both the doctor and the individual to monitor the progress.

While examining the effects of yoga on the soul and the psychology of human beings, it has been observed that yoga can sharpen concentration (Granath J, 2018). It could steady emotions and cheer the feeling of care for others. There are different techniques of breathing (pranayam) that calm the mind and bring stability and awareness (Granath J, 2018). Inner peace could be experienced through meditation (Granath J, 2018). Thus, yoga is a philosophy that can be encountered practically and involves every aspect of a person (Granath J, 2018). With the development of self-awareness and discipline, yoga teaches evolution. Not only this, but the body also heals itself when people find themselves actively reducing stress with the help of the consoling mind (Granath J, 2018). In this regard, yoga is proven to be a self-healing tool and a way to get life shaped into several different levels.

For some of people, it is proved divine, but for others, it has proved entirely addictive and a powerful active substitute for adverse habits. With the practice of simple asanas, one can reach his real needs and attention (Granath J, 2018). The obtained results are immediate and apparent. Yoga can unlock the wonders of life along with hidden energies (Granath J, 2018).

The primary purpose that yoga serves is to make life enjoyable and efficient. It is the art that could help the divine feeling to everyone along with the freedom from pain and ignorance. Although it has taken time for us to knot ourselves up if we are still breathing it is never late to start the yoga.


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