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The Effects of Cold War Essay

Both historians gave a speech that had a concern about the effects of the cold war. The cold war was a rivalry that was between the united states and the soviet union .The fight is mainly referred to as cold because there was no common war that was happening between the sides that were involved. They both had economic and political differences that resulted in war. This developed after the second world war two. This paper is going to analyze how the historians discussed the coming of the cold war and how it was going to affect the people.

We are going to base our argument using various historians. First, it was the Truman doctrine. This doctrine was the main basis of the American cold war. Truman the president officially announced the help Greece and turkey needed so as to end the sovereignty .the foundation of the American policy which was aided through the Truman doctrine led to the formation of an alliance called NATO. as such, this was a military alliance that was set to help the Greece and turkey. Through Truman speech, he argued that the Americans should help those countries who were at risk. He argued that if they didn’t help the countries will be a threat to national security. Turkey and Greece have been considered great rivals and it was the pleasure of the Americans to help them equally. Anticommunist was the main reason as to why the Americans should help because their leaders were facing Soviet subversion. Hence through Truman speech, the historians based their argument that during his regime was the start of the cold war.

Another was Winston Churchill who was a minister at Great Britain. He came up with a solution that helped in ending the Second World War. He made a speech that gave a warning of the Soviet dominating Eastern Europe. The speech was referred to as the Iron curtain speech which he made on 5th March 1946 .hence it was a symbolization of the cold war that was going to start. Churchill helped the government in putting down Nazi Germany in the second war. He argues that what led to the result of the cold war was the defeat of the Axis powers. The differences that existed between the USA and Germany resulted in a cold war. The United States wanted to win the cold war but Churchill tried to overcome them because he saw the consequences that would hit them. The united states gave threatens and made weapons ready for the war and with the aim of destruction. He tried to harmonize the state to avoid bloodshed and that could be achieved by both the united states and the new united nations to unite .therefore that could lead to sinews of peace. Churchill had the role of making sure that the global Germany was maintained and that there was a good relationship between Moscow leaders during the world summits.

Joseph McCarthy was also a communist who tried to show the effects of the cold war. There was a subversion of the communist during the 1950s which led to fear among people. He argued that the government consisted of traitors and spies who were against of what was happening. He worked tirelessly to elevate the communists among the government. He addressed the problem but the problem but the government took in a negative way. Joseph wanted to end the cold war tensions that were in the country. The federal government pulled him down when he was talking about the traitors who were in the government. Though he is considered one of those who tried to end cold war in the united states. He made several attacks to us army which led to most of his senators to dislike him. Also, there was the canalization of Michael Lind’s argument about the breaking of the cold war. He argues that the cold war happened because of the division of classes. There has been the cold war between the elites and the working class. Through the transnational conflicts between the classes has led to the election of Trump to the American government. He argues that those with powers were from well of families. Michael Lind argues his point on the basis there were classes that were set for one to gain fame in the government.

In conclusion, cold war began to submerge itself after the Second World War .it came to exist because of the political and economic differences .the cold war helped towards the ending of the capitalism and the start of socialism. There are many activists who tried to end the cold war in the united states. During the fight, there were no weapons used hence it led to things becoming more peaceful. They both had economic and political differences that resulted in war. This developed after the Second World War Two. Historians do not know the exact time when the cold war happened but they have tried to base their arguments on the speeches that were made.


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