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The early political powers and their Sustainability

There is a number of history pages filled with the title of success for different human races’ rules and their development covering the pages of history. In the early ages, we see the civilization of Egypt and Greece also Cyprus rule around Babylon and Persian territory. Later in the middle time, we see Muslim caliphs are prominent on the pages for their rule, and they broke the superpower of that time like the Byzantines and Persia, and they controlled the major area of this historical ruler. In the modern age there was Ottoman Empire, Safavid Empire, and Mughal empire those were controlling the biggest territories of their time and later on they broken into parts and became a part of British colonies (in South Asia). Ottoman Empire was crunched during World War-I History. (n.d.).

While if we look at their power over time territoriality plays a strong role in their rule sustaining for which they use to enhance their power in early ages was to rule as many areas as you can, and the control will make your superpower while in the middle ages it was same. In the modern age, there was a bit of change in the influence of technology and economic growth which is going on yet, but now the economic factor matters more. As the gunpowder invention was given the invitation to Ottoman Empire to rule over the biggest territory.

To be a sustainable ruler as expansion used to increase there was the most important thing which we see with power is mechanism and communication. The territories were wide, and they use to control rebelling, crises over, and invasion issues because of that they use to invest more in Army. Also, economic growth was also required, and they use to utilize their natural resources and trade because it was the mode of developing themself. Mainly we see there is a proper department of spies and detectives directly approaching the ruler (Kunt et al., 2014). Perhaps we can say for sustaining power they use to increase army and economic growth.


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