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The Departure of Paul D in “Beloved”

“My plan was to take all of us to the other side where my own ma’am is” (Bloom, 240)

The main reason this golden line projected and got attention lies in its theme that coincides with the novel, i.e., slavery and its lasting impacts. Sethe determines in these lines to end her and her children’s life instead of accepting slavery. This notion describes Sethe’s inner sensation and level of desperation where a man leaves his wish to spend life as well as the killing of offspring. In other words, the destruction of own generations from the world. Such misery is spread throughout the novel and elaborates bitter aspects of slavery and its aftershocks.

For example, the departure of Paul D from 124 and its impacts are shocking. Firstly, he left 124 with colossal confusion of mind and senses. He had no clarity about his feelings a need concerning the sympathetic relationship with Sethe. In addition, he also felt the inability to apply his mind due to Beloved. Meanwhile, the departure of Paul D may be considered an escape or freedom from the house where he was upset and wished to relinquish such a confused state of mind. The psychological pressure on his nerves due to sexual abuse may strengthen the notion of freedom. His manhood faced a debacle phase that he had to revive again through effort.

However, Paul D’s departure from 124 had lasting impacts on other novel characters. For example, the welfare and look after of Sethe became dubious toward prosperity as there was none to take this responsibility like Paul D. Similarly, Stamp felt guilty due to Sethe’s crime. He considered himself responsible for the depression phase in her old life years. Further, Denver felt an immense desire to leave 124 after this episode, even though he has inspired by Baby Suggs. In a nutshell, the wicked outcomes of slavery are presented in a resourceful manner.


Bloom, H. (Ed.). (2009). Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Infobase Publishing.



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