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The Curse On A Family Case Study

This is the story about the curse in the family that remained from one generation to another and had a negative effect on the family. Though its effects were not at the peak, they showed some effects on other generations, too. Black magic or the curse through black magic doesn’t have a positive effect in any situation. There are only negative effects of all these things not only in the family but on the entire society. Curse is done by one person to another person for the sake of happiness, but this is not the way to attain happiness by destroying others.

There are people in the world who don’t take these curses seriously, but the families or societies that face them know the consequences. It is a fact that belief in one thing can make its effects more powerful, so if the person believes that he or she is cursed, then the effect will be more powerful. This story was observed in my family repeatedly, but with the passage of time, its effects were not that intense; some incidents were observed with the passage of time. Its implications were not good for the family members because fear of elements arose in most of the family members of my family.

Though the curse was not that intense, there were some incidents because of that, and now everybody is afraid of being cursed by another person. My grandmother was cursed by the worker in the house, and she said to her, “You are soon getting by the God!” nobody took it seriously initially, but with the passage of time, when bad things started happening to her, everybody was sacred. One day, grandmother had a walk, and she dislocated her shoulder, then she lost her bag with cash and cards.

Then, her working car stopped suddenly, and she was taken to the workshop for service; the lights in her room and bathroom started blinking; however, the lights of the rest of the house were working accurately. These incidents had negative effects on the entire family. She used to get up at midnight to find out the maid who gave her a curse because she used to come in her dreams. If these kinds of incidents occur in the family, then nobody will have a positive life. These things affect everybody in a negative way. Although males don’t take it seriously, females discuss it a lot. These must be the limitation of discussion on these things because you feel that this is happening around you, too. It’s all about the feel and notice of happening around you.

This story also has some negative effects on me because I saw the situation of my grandmother and never came to know why she (the maid) did so to my grandmother. So now most of the time I don’t like to talk to strangers and ignore them most of the time because I don’t want such kind of curse in my life. Its effects are adverse, and there is no positivity in these things. The role of society is also very important in this kind of situation because they give their own opinion, which some have some negative ones, and some have positive ones too.

But society must be aware of this kind of people who curse easily without any reason, and the consequences are faced by the members of another family. These types of curses are observed in societies most of the time because people are not afraid of giving curses. They have no idea what kind of negative effects are there on the rest of the family members.



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