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The crucial role of ethics for businesses in interactions with employees

Ethics is one thing that is required today, more than ever. Almost every other day, we hear stories about businesses cheating employees and not giving them what they deserve. Business owners rule over their employees like kings and treat their staff like slavery(BBC – Ethics – Introduction to Ethics). They promise the staff perks and benefits apart from salary, making the job sound lucrative, though when it comes to delivering on their promises, they shy away.

In this case, Kevin is one such businessman. He manages to keep the payroll lighter by paying his employees less than they deserve. When the government takes the initiative to help the middle class by ordering the companies to provide healthcare, Kevin finds a way around the new policy. He uses his authority to declare some of his employees part-time, reducing their pay and taking away their benefits. The move helps Kevin avoid health care, which the government has made mandatory. it is very important for the government.

The government might not catch Kevin because he has not done anything illegal. He merely has limited working hours for half of his workforce. according to law, he has the authority to do that. But, the pressing thing is that his actions are unethical. Imagine the distress his employees would bear. They all might have families to feed, how can one expect these employees to provide for their families if their salaries have been reduced to half? Kevin’s actions should be condemned, and the employees should complain about him to the government. Kevin might use the law to his benefit, but he cannot use the code to take away from the deserving.

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