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The Constitution of the United States Question Answers

Answer to Question #1

The Constitution of the United States of America is known as the oldest written constitution of the world. Many countries consider this constitution as the role model to formulate their legislative systems. Simplicity and flexibility are the two significant features of the country’s constitution. Initially, the framework of the constitution was developed in the 18th century which come across with many elements of transitions. The feature of the flexibility makes it possible to introduce different amendments in the constitution to deal with the ever-changing perspective of the social and economic structure of the country. Twenty-seven amendments to the constitution can be considered as the significant example which indicates that the constitution can address the changing aspects of the country. The changing requirements of the American society can be identified in the social, economic, and political form. According to my opinion, the constitution of the country plays a crucial role in the overall political and administrative structuring of the nation of America. The particular paradigm of the constitution formulates the equal direction for the nation which can be a witness in the particular forms of social and economic changes in the country.

Answer to Question #2

Different survey results show that people of America believe that federal government of the country has too much power. Government immensely tries to control the lives of the all the citizens of the country. Over the last decade, the majority of the people start believing that the government of the country has an immense level of power which changing the life patterns of the overall public. The opinion of the two third of the Republicans can be considered as the example which develops the argument that the federal government of the country has the too much amount of power in the recent times. As the citizen of the country, I am more concerned about my privacy today as compare to previous years. Undoubtedly, it raises the question of the personal lives of people when they come to different news regarding the form of a check from the federal agencies. These sort of steps from government indicate that government has too much amount of power as it influences the personal lives of people. New legislative development by the government of the country makes this perception strong that government has too much power which needs to be reduced.

Answer to Question #3

The particular event of 9/11 drastically changes the overall concept of liberty for the people of America. The form of domestic terrorism adversely influence the civil liberties. People start believing that the particular approach of the government to prevent the element of terrorism affect the feature of civil liberties in the country. Different intelligence program initiated by the federal government of the country raise question of the privacy and liberty of every citizen of the country. Total Information Awareness (TIA) is the example of the government’s initiative to deal with the people opinion regarding the threat to their liberty. This particular program is immensely rejected by many citizens as they believe that it is just the useless effort to hide the true evidence related to the aspect of civil liberty. According to my opinion, there is the essential need of time for the government to consider the concern of the citizens related to the facet of their liberties. There should be the balanced approach to attain the information of the citizens without hurting their specific level of liberty.

Answer to Question #4

There is the existence of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is formulated to forbid the form of discrimination by physical or mental disabilities. It is considered as the illegal activity to discriminate a person for the job position due to the disability. The feature of ADA provides clear indications about the implementation of the law to prohibit the approach of discrimination due to any disability. It is notable to mention that the particular act of protecting the rights of the disable people comes with the necessary term of a qualified person for the specific job position. It is crucial that person’s skills should align with the particular job position. Although there is the existence of the federal acts for the protection of the disabled people’s rights still there is the need of the more advanced approaches to address this particular issue more effectively. The overall facet of the employment in the country indicate that conditions are better for the disabled people, but it is crucial for the legislative institution to consider the prospect of evolution in case of particular acts of employment with the consideration of element of disability.

Answer to Question #5

Violence is known as one of the crucial and negative features which penetrates in the society due to the television. It is evident that most children and youngsters negatively influence by the feature of television as they portray more violent behavior in their daily activities. It is the one core responsibility of the government of the country to take necessary measures to deal with the prevailing issue of violence in the society mainly due to the television. There is the example of the Television Violence Act of 1990 which indicate about the federal government’s effort to limit the amount of violence in case of television. It is necessary to understand that there is the existence of some constitutional problem which might be difficult for the government to implement the laws regarding television violence. It might be difficult to formulate the aspect of scrutiny related to the content regulations. The particular feature of the profit and interest of the television industry can be a problematic feature for the government to regulate the aspect of violence on television.

Answer to Question #6

Undoubtedly, the feature of the mass media is the one crucial stakeholder in the society. It immensely influences the viewpoints of people regarding the different paradigms of life. It is fair to say that today, mass media provides the desired directions to the people. It influences people to shape their opinions about right and wrong. This particular influential role of mass media also observed in case of covering polls. Mass media provides the specific form of narrative to the people to make the particular judgments or opinions. It can be exemplified by the political feature which shows that how significantly mass media create the particular public opinion. The election in the country is the one specific example which indicates that mass media play an influential role in the overall opinion perspective of the citizens of the country.

Answer to Question #7

The constitutional laws of the country never allow someone to trespass on private property or block government buildings just for the sake of protest regarding any political issue. Any feature which trouble the smooth functioning of the state cannot be accepted as it violates the fundamental rules of the country. There is the existence of the different pressure groups who adopt different techniques of protest to build pressure on the government. There is the existence of the federal laws which provides the basic rights to every citizen of the country to protest regarding basic rights or concerning to the political issue. It is crucial to understand that the protest should not be the activity to block any government building or trespass on private property. It is evident that the peaceful form of the protest can effectively influence the government to gain the particular objectives.

Answer to Question #8

The aspect of Electoral College comes with the immense level of controversy. There is growing number of people in the country which present the opinion that Electoral College should be abolished. It is effective to abolish Electoral College as it is not characterized as the true representation of the public opinion in the overall voting process in case of selecting the president of the country. Current elections for the President of the country indicate that there is the existence of the many people who believe that abolishing of the Electoral College is mandatory now. Many Democrats and liberal supporting the idea of eliminating the concept of Electoral College from the election system of the country. On the other hand, Republicans would be against this particular aspect of abolishing the Electoral College. According to my opinion that the constitution of the country should revisit the facet of the Electoral College. It is recommended because that the existence of the Electoral College immensely limit the role of the public in the overall process of presidential election.

Answer to Question #9

There are many reasons which play a major role in the insignificant impact of third parties in the country. The overall legislative structure of United States never allows expanding the contribution of any third party. Third parties have the limited ballot access which ensures the monopoly of the existing major political parties in the country. It is evident that the different interest groups have a huge influence on the overall political system of the country. It happens because different pressure or interest groups invest a huge amount of the money on the political functioning in the country which ultimately influences the legislative procedure. Use of money in the political system is one of the major reasons for the influential role of the interest groups. It is notable to consider that if the prospect of money flow is regulated than the huge impact of the interest groups can be avoided.

Answer to Question #10

Term limits for the members of Congress of the country can be considered as a good idea. It helps to avoid the conventional ways of legislation in the country. It can be characterized as the viable approach as it brings chances for the new people to become the part of the legislative process. The concept of term limits can also be effective for the progressive functioning of the Congress without the element of delay. Congress members consider the element of credibility and better performance as term limits set the necessary time frame. The term limit consisted of four years can be a better approach as it provides the necessary chance to the Congress members to play their role in the legislative process.

Answer to Question #11

The political paradigm of the country illustrates that the role of president in the country is becoming powerful day by day. It is crucial to figure out that whether there is the evidence of the expansion of the element of power in the presidency. The broad range of the legislative features allows the president to contain too much power without considering the element of legislation of Congress. Active participation of the federal judges in case of reelection can be a proposed feature in case of requirement of change.

Answer to Question #12

The federal bureaucracy is known as the institution of the necessary representation of the American people. The facet of bureaucracy is more representative of the people rather the constitutional institute, judges or the presidency. The role of the bureaucracy can be more effective by bridging the strong connection between the expectations of the common people and the legislative procedure of the country. Necessary accountability of the bureaucratic structure is also required to enhance the overall functioning of the legislative feature in the country. It is recommended that there should be balance approach concerning to the specific bureaucratic interest and the consideration of the people’s welfare.




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