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The Concept of Creation of man in the image of God and effect of this on man’s enjoyment and creation of art, music, and literature

A man is inherently valuable, as he had been created in the image of God. This concept has been expressed in the starting chapter of Genesis. In the context of Bible, several examples justify this concept of Christianity. God respired into Adam the sniff of life, and this can be referred as immaterial part of humanity. Also, Moses in the Bible history has this context in mind as divine empowerment was necessary to operate as God’s image. In new testament when Jesus appeared to his closet followers, he breathed on them and provided them the Holy Spirit and that then forcefully came on all of his disciplines(Holyoak). A man is made in the image of God for God’s vice-regent and was given free will to do every act with his wisdom. Thus, the image of God consists of the purpose of creation of man and his functions that he performs in the world. God provides guidance in every sphere of life as a man has to be the image of God in the world also through his character and acts. Thus, being an image of God means that human beings are spiritual and rational being. This paper will discuss the concept of creation of man in the image of God and effect of this on man’s enjoyment and creation of art, music, and literature.

A man is made in the image of God implies that he possess specific qualities. These qualities include the rational decision making as art, music, and literature. The man has created numerous things with this wisdom that God bestowed upon him. These are very pretty things that man has created. But with this man has also created things that are a source of lots of disturbance and injustice in the society(The Image of God). This is due to the reason that Bible has allowed men to act according to his wisdom. People, who admit that a man had been created in an image of God, do act rightly in society. However, people who do not possess the strong faith do not act accordingly and become the source of destruction for the society. Moreover, people have created numerous visual things from the times, and all the images had specific contexts and details. There are various levels of meanings attached to the art, music, and literature by men. Men do create and enjoy with all these things to make themselves happy. But when they tend to use these things to bring destructions in the world, then the meaning attached to his creation remains no more effective. God gets angry with human when they tend to use these things for evil purposes.

For men’s guidance, God has provided all the comments in His Holy Bible so that people can seek guidance from there and use them in these fields. When people observe the beautiful creation of God, then they tend to make certain symbols, shapes, and another form of arts according to their instincts and imaginations. They seek guidance from God in the form of wisdom that God has bestowed upon them. When they rightly follow, the guidance then they become happy in their lives and social progress. But when they tend to deviate with the instructions, then they not only suffer in the society but they will also face the anger of God after their deaths.

Art, music, and literature can be used for praise of God and God have commanded and admired these of these for this purpose in the Holy Bible. In the Bible, there are numerous instances when different prophets of God made the use of these things in this way, and they enjoyed. God has created this beautiful creation for increasing the imagination of man so that he can be able to create different beautiful things after getting inspiration from God’s creation (Kilner). Thus, men must make use of these things under God’s guidance and get success in life as a man has been created in the image of God.

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