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The Comparison of Frankenstein and the Paradise Lost

The comparison of Frankenstein and the Paradise lost is such an important aspects of literature and enlightens on a number of things. The many similarities that arises is due to the fact that Mary took influence from the Paradise Lost and used the same in building her story. The similarity in design relates to the use of man’s contribution in the universe. In every universe, there exist a number of forces that threaten humankind and the two piece enlightens on the same. Milton presents a number of ideologies that relate to the fall of the rebel angels. That is also inclusive of the impacts that such a process has on the evolution of humans.

Satan is described as the Lucifer and tried to revolt against the creator. God is superior in any case but Satan tried the very best to command power of everything. Lucifer, together with the followers were casted out of Heaven. Satan got the transformation into a hideous entity. After such an instance, Satan moved to Earth. The main goal was to influence Adam and Eve, who were living in the Garden of Eden. The influence created becomes the beginning of man suffering. The end of the poem denotes the promise of redemption of Adam’s lineage. That never came on a silver plate since the sacrifice of Jesus, the only son of God transpired. At such an instance, there is need to make a comparison with Frankenstein story, in which presents the view of the God. There is a slot of symbolism in the story since Dr. Frankenstein represented God in the story.



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