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The Community Health Center in Sentinel City

The Community Health Center allocated in Sentinel City provides various healthcare services such as pregnancy, contraceptives, testing and counseling preventive health service, and STD services to the population. The community health center also provides breast and cervical cancer screening for all patients and other residents. The study established that Sentinel City has a population of three hundred thousand. However, the Interfaith Church is located next to Soup Kitchen and, I could notice people singing from the church and others lining in front of the Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen is located in Sentinel City and is meant to serve the homeless and other residents food. It is approximated that the Kitchen serves 40,000 people daily which is a good plan for healthcare development. Through interviews and research, it was noticed that the population of people served with food at Soup Kitchen normally increases during summer due to the fact that several homeless and other people usually move to the city during summertime.
There are four districts in Sentinel City and they are allocated in the different edges of the city. These districts are Acer Tech Center, Industrial Heights, Casper Park, and Nightingale Square, and these cities have different total populations of people living in each district. The Sentinel City Department of Transport offers the most affordable and technical transport system. The business which takes visitors and even residents around are safe and efficient. The Department of Transport is located next to City Hall and adjacent to the ABC health center. The community’s main transport systems are buses which they use to get out of the city and drive in as well. Though there are some people who have personal cars and bicycles. The highways are wide and well-maintained and therefore, it provides an efficient and affordable transport system to the community.
Most residents are Whites Caucuses with an average income of USD 165,482 per year. Though there are few African Americas and Asians as well. Again the majority of residents are Christians and it also seems that the residents are not politically active since; there are no posters for campaigns. The residents seem to hang out in the malls and recreational centers available next to Sentinel City Healthcare Centre.

Assessment of Needs and Risks

The study shows that the age bracket of residents of Sentinel City range between 15 years to 55 years. The majority of people who live in the City are well-off or wealthy. Affordable Housing provides affordable housing to people living within the community. It also provides one-bedroom, studio, and two-bedroom units for the community. The study established that the most occupied unit is the studio at an average of 44% followed closely by two-bedroom units at 43%; these ensure that there are limited housing problems at Sentinel City. The data collected from four districts of Sentinel city indicates that the most complaints from the residents are factory smoking at 21%, and dog barking at 18%. The analysis of data from the four districts of Sentinel City also indicates that the nice areas of the city are where people with higher incomes live and therefore, people with a good income live in stylish neighborhood.

Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory

Sentinel City has good security and is generally safe. The study indicates that the community has registered few cases of insecurity issues and other cases of insecurity issues have been handled with care. Besides, the community has a well-established emergency system to provide various emergency services to the resident. There are fire departments and another rescue team on standby almost 24hrs a day. I conversation with Mayor’s Office at County Office, which established that the emergency department is constituted to keep the city safe.
The data collected also indicates that there are few cases of environmental issues such as air population within Sentinel City. The buses and cars use natural gases which do not pollute the atmosphere; there is litter or cabbages in the streets around the city. I drive through the city allows me to notice the present of litter from different corners. This is a matter of environmental concern that should be addressed since it can affect the community health system. I also noticed that there are no recreational facilities within Sentinel City which can be a grave health concern.

Windshield survey

Through observation, I could notice that most buildings within the city were constructed using bricks, though there are some buildings that were constructed with concretes. The buildings have different shapes, and structures, and their design is also unique. For instance, the building of Sentinel Health Care System located next to the main road to the City Hall is tall constructed using concrete stones, and painted white as well. This is different from other buildings like the ABC Daycare which is constructed using bricks and looks like an old building structure. However, the village structures are constructed using bricks and most of them resemble and are built in an old-fashioned style.
There are also a number of homeless people on the street of Sentinel City and most of them seem to have lived there for quite a long. I noticed that most homeless people depend on food from Soup Kitchen and also get accommodation from affordable housing programs launched by the City government. However, the presence of homeless along major streets is a clear indication that the majority of residents are poor and survive on food stamps.

Population Health Scavenger

The majority of residents of Sentinel City do not have health insurance since they cannot afford it. The data collected indicates that almost 60% of residents live below the expected income. There are also several homeless people who dwell in the city and therefore, they do not have health care insurance. The poor neighborhood is also a matter of concern since there is a high rate of air pollution and cabbage littering with effects the residents. A closer analysis of data also indicates that several infections were caused by Joe’s Grocery. It is, therefore, vivid that health officers or authorities trusted with such responsibility are not working as expected. This is another service or aspect which is missing from community nursing.
The study also found that some restaurant like Lily’s restaurant offers unhealthy food to the population. The food is cheap and has a high content of calories. It is also established that the food served at home also contains high content of calories and therefore, the majority of residents of Sentinel City consume a high percentage of calories which can affect their and this is a matter which should be looked at as well. The percentages of people who do not have health insurance under the age of 60 are 36.5% and the number of people without continues to increase. As I travel through the city, I notice the health of the residents can change and it depends on the district and location. The industrial heights area the majority of residents do not make enough money and therefore, they do not have insurance coverage. This increases the risk of getting diseases and failing to seek medication attention as well. It can increase the death rate in the region if not addressed properly. Some houses are not properly kept and because of a lack of finances, the neighborhood experiences a lot of environmental issues which can cause disease. It is the reason the area is experiencing several infections.

Analysis of Collected Data

The study conducted from various healthcare facilities in all four districts indicates an alarming trend of STI infections which needs to be addressed. It established that 10% of the population suffers from obesity, this can be a result of the rate at which people consume too many calories. There are also a good number of residents suffering from diabetes and this affects people aged between 50-60 years. The analysis of the data also shows that STIs and mental problems are also health concerns to the community since the report from the healthcare facilities indicates a steady increase of STD infection. It is because the analysis of data from Beta healthcare indicates a high percentage of STDs and pregnancies than the average report nationwide (Leads, 2014).

Top Three Problems in Sentinel City

The top three programs in Sentinel City I discovered is inactivity because of a limited number of recreational facilities, environmental health, and lack of proper supervision of health issues or lack of community nursing by the authority. Though there are other problems in the community like aggravate assault and housing problems, the main problems are the three with effect the health of the majority of the residents. Through observation, I notice litter and cabbages in the two districts where the majority of unemployed and jobless people live. This is the same place with a high number of homeless all over the street.
However, there are healthcare facilities located almost a closer distance from the residents to deal with the problems. The hospitals are equipped to address diseases like cancer, and pregnancy tests. The statistic shows that health centers within Sentinel City conduct several pregnancy tests annually and therefore, the community is equipped with equipment or facilities which can address the problem (Eileen, 2017). It is noted that there are few recreational facilities like parks and physical fitness centers within the community. This attributes to the high number of people suffering from obesity and other chronic diseases. The city, therefore, requires the construction of several recreational facilities.

Primary Prevention

Based on the study the problems which affect the residents of Sentinel City can be addressed through medical attention. Some healthcare issues like environmental health problems can be solved by the provision of better, efficient community nursing. The study discovered that residents consume unhealthy food and to address this problem, community nursing must be effective and efficient. The authority in charge of supervising hotels and restaurants must do their jobs conclusively, in order to solve the issue of unhealthy food and litter which are everywhere in some neighborhoods (Eileen, 2017).
In order to address the STI and pregnancy issues in Sentinel City, the healthcare workers should initiate education and training of counselors who can work together to educate the residents on sexually transmitted diseases. It is also important to avail free condoms for the residents and these condoms can be placed in most strategic locations throughout the city where residents can have access to them. The provision of condoms and training in the community of STDs and pregnancy will reduce the number of pregnancy cases and also the rate of STIs in the community therefore, community nursing is still important and required by the community (Catherine, 2016).

Learning form the simulation of Sentinel City

This learning is essential because it provides the community set up knowledge and community health care system common across the world. It is important since the healthcare issues identify and addressed replicate what happens in the real community set up and therefore, It provides knowledge on how to identify community healthcare problems and also the way these problems can be resolved (Leads, 2014). The knowledge obtained from this simulation can, therefore, transfer to a real healthcare environment to provide required or necessary healthcare services to a community. It is the practical work about community healthcare that can be used to gain knowledge and skills in the field of healthcare and especially about community healthcare system.


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