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The Cask of Amontillado: Literal Meaning

The ability to hide meaning through writing is such an important move since it limits certain group from exploiting the ideas and using it inappropriately. It is prudent to have the literal meaning of the Cast of Amontillado to eliminate the mythical ties to it. First, Amontillado depicts an alcoholic beverage. That is just but the literal meaning. Most people are unlikely to relate unless they are well acquainted with the sherry since they can relate. Reading Poe’s story is also an instance that can enrich readers in such an instance. Wine connoisseurs also likely to understand meaning since they can relate it to the cellar cask.

Casks in literal word denote the various barrels used to store wines as well as any other drinks for public gatherings. Cask can take any shape or size, and that depends on what the end user prefers. When Montresor articulated to Fortunato about the existence of the pipes for passing Amontillado, the pipe takes the role of the cask. Another literal meaning for cask can be the casket used for carrying various elements around. What Fortunato got at the end was a casket of death, and that is the main justification for the correlation. That is all about the literal meaning. Another meaning that is significant is the figurative meaning. The ability of the elements to symbolize pleasure as well as enjoyment is a factor that various bodies of literature tend to explore. All the meanings are helpful in creating a deeper body of knowledge and people can always borrow from the same in improving on key aspects of the society. Literature is such an interesting aspect and provides a deeper understanding of incidences.



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