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The Best Food for Kids Essay

Children need good food enriched with nutrient values such as proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. Choosing the best food for children remains a challenging task as it must provide adequate nutrients required for normal functioning of their bodies. Children need plenty of calories due to their active involvement in physical activities. The best food basket contains combination of vegetables, meat, milk for fulfilling nutrient requirements. Relying solely one type of food such as vegetables or meat is inappropriate. Kids need fresh and healthy non-junk food for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Adequate nutrition is important for normal growth and development of body.

The best food involve combination of eggs, legumes, vegetable, fruits, fish, grains and milk. Egg helps in growth of brain while legumes are important due to the proportion of fiber improving digestion and metabolism. Lima beans, black beans and baked beans are common legumes providing nutritional value. Vegetables and fruits are enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Fruits and vegetables reduces obesity and improves brain functioning. They enhance the immune system and prevents risks of developing anemia. Vegetables provides prevention against serious diseases such as diabetes and obesity. They also aids proper functioning of the digestive tracks and keeps children healthy. Whole grains enhances the body functions and helps in normal growth. Milk is the only item providing calcium needed for the bones. Adding milk in diets of children improve their bone strength. Vitamin D provides prevention against serious diseases related to bones and joints. Fish provides iron that is also important for the balanced growth (Bhagat).

The best food for kids involve combination of different items sufficient for providing balanced nutrition and calories. Natural and homemade food is better choice than fast food. The best food plays vital role in normal and healthy growth of children.



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