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The Belief Engine Essay

Body parts do not operate in isolation but rather work in incorporation with the other body parts for the effectiveness of the whole system. For instance, brains in connection with the nervous system work to generate a belief engine that constitutes several components. This essay explores critical thinking and the yearning units.

The critical thinking unit is the second part of the belief engine that is embraced through going through formal training and the art of mastering past events and experiences. Critical thinking helps one to reason vividly and rationally. For example, critical thinkers always possess an independent mindset; they evaluate both sides of the coin before making a decision. For, I utilize this technic when encountering a problem in my daily life. It assists me to face my problems with rationality and the mindset that every problem has a sober solution (Alcock, 1995). Moreover, I engage in critical thinking in evaluating the opinions and arguments of my friends and associates to settle on a more sober and rational decision for a healthy lifestyle. Along with this line, it enables one to avoid stereotypes and fallacies that may fuel biases and discrimination among races, ethnic communities, and at a personal level.

The yearning unit component of the belief engine concerning with how human being engages or disengage in the learning process. Learning is not a passive act but rather an active activity where we have inner willpower that drives us to grasp information about life and other daily encounters. The yearning unit assists me in reducing anxiety that may be brought by controversies between scientific beliefs and rationality.

In summary, both critical thinking and the urge to learn are beliefs that are normally generated by the belief engine. However, these beliefs do not contain the universally agreed truth or reason.


Alcock, J. (1995). The belief engine. Skeptical Inquirer19(3), 14-18.



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