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The Alamo 1960 Essay


John Wayne starred in the film The Alamo 1960 which was released on 24th October 1960 in remembrance of the Alamo battle of 1836. It is a historic American war film which depicts the Alamo battle and the events which covered it[1]. John Wayne goes by the name Davy Crockett and assumes the leadership role together with Sam Houston in leading the Texas army against their American opponents with the aim of preventing the Mexicans from taking over. John Wayne’s tribute to the struggle for their independence depicts the strongest spirit of resistance against all forms of colonialism from the Mexicans.


John Wayne’s contemporary story begins on his native land Texas. His homeworld is under a siege and threat of colonialism from the Mexico country. He builds an army to help him in the pursuit of resistance[2]. There follows a series of heated battles between San Antonio forces and Texas forces. However, the Texas forces face a great challenge in dealing with a large mass of Mexican forces which is larger than their army. However, the best part is that the Texas army still struggles and sacrifices their lives in hopeless combat against the massive Mexican army with the aim of preventing them from taking over and destroying the newly formed Texas republic.

The Alamo 1960 is a good movie which is simple and rousing. What makes the movie great are the cinematography and the Texas orchestral score. Although it’s clear from the first scene that most of the defenders are killed in the warfare. The film captures the dread and loneliness of several men waiting for a two week battle against men who aren’t their match due to their large physique and numbers. The arc of the Alamo 1960 film story is a daunting one among all other films.

However, although the Texas forces eventually defeat Santa Ann, the victory does not consolidate or make up for the lost defenders who lost their lives during the warfare. The film story, on the other hand, strips off the tensions and the historical ambiguities of 1836. It depicts the overall suffering and struggles felt by the Texas army in their pursuit to protect the Republic of Texas. Considered to have decreased in the warfare, the defenders, however, turn out to be heroes who are remembered throughout the Texas history. It is also indisputable that the men had the choice of running away but chose to fight, and this explains their indispensable fate.

Not only does the story depict the Texas historical events. It considers the full expression of modernism[3]. Critically, Wayne creates a visual projection and cognitive image of the character and the practices of the Texas modern republic. The relationship between the Texas historical events and the emerging cultures is also clearly exemplified and made real through the projection of modernity. The iconic and visual density, as well as the motion pictures used throughout the films, define the movie as a classic and modern one rather than a traditional one.

The Alamo film serves as a vital precursor to Wayne’s efforts in two ways: his desire to create a historically accurate film hence making a historical documentary attempt and his utmost concern in the representation of the physical and decorum atmosphere of the Alamo battle. More significantly, I believe his overall interest in the warfare of 1836 plays an important deal in providing a glimpse into the Texas history of resistance against the Mexicans

In my opinion, The Alamo 1960 is a fantastic film that takes a reflective and a thoughtful stance. The scenes leave the viewer’s breathless while waiting for the striking folklore tale of the fate of The Alamo. Additionally, all the events and characters are clearly and accurately presented; the costumes used are also very true to type and outstanding. The story also depicts and portrays the bravery of the men at the Alamo. Listening to the music brings a beautiful and a haunting experience when listened to. Everything about this movie is beautiful John Wayne is depicted as a true Texas patriot who is aimed at stopping the Mexicans from taking over the newly reformed Texas. The poignant, majestic, mighty and glorious epic movie will last across almost all ages as one of the greatest stories of heroic American folklore.

What I liked about the script is the scene where Wayne sarcastically gives credits to the rebels. He depicts the enemies as strong men wearing a fancy uniform who later puts down their revolts to fight the Texas men. Obviously, he intends to hide the fact that a bunch of untrained Texas soldiers defeated the Mexicans who were large in numbers, strong and trained. He also describes them as men with few prospects who are willing to slay the blacks in exchange for land grants. Among another good thing about the film is the duet between John Wayne and his charming Hispanic woman.

What I also liked was the general idea of the film, that even if the situation seems to be hopeless, there is no point in giving up no matter what circumstances you are faced with. This is clear in the part where the soldiers fight endlessly and later defeat the well trained Mexican soldiers. This is what I believe too. This is what helped the Texas defeat the Mexicans and prevented their republic from destruction. Wayne was the best actor for playing the role of a wise and able leader, leading his army to victory- even though he initially lacked an organized army; nonetheless, he conveys his leading strategies, characters, and moves within the story.

What I disliked is the first half where Wayne and his friends indulge in erotic behaviors of alcoholism, getting drunk, fighting each other and mouthing off. About the script, these behaviors cause Travis and Bowel to crush often and constantly bicker, causing the bowel to almost quit.


Honestly, The Alamo 1960 film is worth viewing. It is an interesting movie. This is because it incorporates good music, images, and characters throughout the story. The movie is also easy to understand as it ultimately shows Wayne’s determination in preserving human dignity moment and ferocious battle action between two armies destined to crash on the battlefield. It is also well composed of a mixture of striking of heartfelt and stirring emotions. Despite having a small, unorganized and untrained army, John Wayne mission is successful due to the endless spirit of ensuring that his already reformed home country stays away from invasion and tyranny.


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