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Teenagers Essay

14- Years teenagers can be working teens along with their study. Teenagers do jobs to earn money either to support their studies or to support their families. Doing part-time job also make students self-reliant and they also learn new skills. Their confidence level increases and they practically experience the true realities of life. But this experience can also result in their low grades and affect their studies. This can also affect their health and as a result, they may not pay attention towards their studies. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing jobs by 14- year’s old teenagers.

Teenagers who work part time get an opportunity to earn money to finance their studies. Their parents get relax towards their finances and at the same time, children learn to manage their expenses. Working at the young age adds value towards their career also as they also learn such skills that assist in their future careers. With this exercise, they also learn to explore various career paths. But there is an apprehension that working teen may affect their grades and they may show low performance. But this is not always true as working part-time is the best utilization of time by teenagers. They learn how to manage their time between their job as well as studies. Doing jobs with studies make them independent and increases their confidence.

Contrarily, the practice of studying along with job may affect their health. The result can be low grades and low performance by working teenagers. But with a little effort, they can avoid this disadvantage. They learn to manage their time and do work only in their spare time that also should not affect their health. They must focus towards their health along with their studies and jobs.



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