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Technology Learning Tools Essay

The students under consideration here are college’s students who previously passed well in the exams and qualified for progress to new term. The students are fluent in the English language and always performs well. It is essential to know what tools one possess at his/her disposal and what they are capable of achieving. However, it is arguably more significant to understand why we apply them so we can choose astutely when designing learning accomplishments. Teachers can fluctuate their approaches from lesson to lesson or use a simplified method or philosophy with orderliness. The technology available at hand is that previously applied in the online course taught previous semester. The submission, which is free, permits users to adjust the rapidity of video and take notes in a complementary window as they wristwatch. If the students have Evernote, they tend to export to Evernote and spontaneously save notes in Google Drive where classmates can review and revise.

The next unit will comprise of how today technology is an indispensable part of many students in everyday studies. Computers, smartphones, tablets and video games are nowadays so widely used that it is virtually impossible to visualize a life without them. Today’s offspring are already at a prompt age skilled knowledge users. Technology is consequently becoming a more appreciated tool for educators endeavoring to reach the fresher generation. Digital education can in totaling to the classroom, spread to children’s households as they endure to explore teachings through hands-on collaboration with digital strategies. Digital learning and technical equipment are changing speedily and helping to redesign the classroom and the way progenies study and acquire.

At redefinition level, classroom errands and computer technology happen as chains for student positioned learning but not as ends (Kirkwood & Price 2014, p56). Scholars learn contented and skills in the sustenance of essential perceptions as they hunt the challenge of producing a professional eminence video. Collaboration develops necessary and technology consents such communications to occur. The idea of redefining the previous task that viewed as not accurate is to enhance in this SAMR model. The tasks current under redesign tend turning efficient in the application as compared to the previous ones. At modification, level the charismas beginning to move from enrichment to transformation on the model. In its place of replacement or improvement, this is a real change to the scheme of the lesson and its erudition outcome.

In enhancing that, the next topic in learning efficiently undertaken there are materials needed in the course. Laptops and tablets, as technology operators are moving concerning being more mobile, and educators and students are an essential part of that tendency. Interactive whiteboards also tend application in the class where Calgary-based SMART experts, smartboards tend popular with both teachers and scholars. The boards will enhance the projection of presentations onto these boards, and they can transcribe, touch and interrelate with their contented. Lastly, what will require in the topic learning are the document cameras as they turn is a fun technique for teachers to show scholars new and exciting conducts of looking at substances. Whether they are skyrocketing in on the slighter details of a 3D entity or observing science experimentations, students can stake an equal view of the object lesson without congregating the teacher’s counter (Dell et al. 2016).


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Kirkwood, A., & Price, L. (2014). Technology-enhanced learning and teaching in higher education: what is ‘enhanced’and how do we know? A critical literature review. Learning, media and technology, 39(1), 6-36.



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