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Over the course of time, the concept of group work has evolved. Collaboration has always been there. Historians claim that the earliest reported humans would hunt and gather in teams. These hunting teams were hugely successful in killing an animal. With time the concept of teamwork was applied by other civilizations as well. However, it was not until after the idea of nation states and standing armies became popular, that people began asking military tactics in their everyday life. Thanks to the military, corporations today, use several military tactics in their management styles. Back in the days, it was common to hear military officers form small teams for essential missions. Over time, this concept of teamwork became a trend in the corporate sector as well.  This report is about the importance of cooperation and the skills needed to make collaboration a success in the corporate industry today.

Teamwork is a fundamental attribute to have work done. In history, all great empires grew and became great because their civilizations worked together. The ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids, by working together. Even today, scientist have not come up with an answer to the question as to how such a magnificent structure was built by people more than two thousand years ago. People who had no advanced technology and no alien involvement built structures that not even today’s people can make. Teamwork has the multiple potential efforts of one person into the number of people involved and accomplishes the task in less time.


Titles like groupings and teams used in vice versa, though there may be many differences between the two, depending on how you look at it. According to the dictionary, a group is explained as some people that come together to work on something. On the other hand, the team is defined as people who chose to accomplish a task with each other. Another difference that can be considered is the focus on the relationship among the members. It so happens that team members are close to each other and their tasks become intertwined with that of others. Secondly, teams are a closed network of goal-oriented individuals who are working jointly on some function, while a group refers to an open cluster of some individuals. Members of a group have come together, mostly for an administrative purpose. Most of these team members may not know each other from the start, though working together on a project may bring them close to each other. The combined support of other members of the team might help build long-lasting relationships with other members, which may help them in the future.


In light of team building concepts, a joint action motivated to accomplish a goal is considered a prime factor that symbolizes that the members are involved in a team. Considering the purposes of a customer service representative, whose job is to respond to customers and maintain quality service. To accomplish this task, we would need to be on the same page as the other members and any customer query would be handled cooperatively. All team members will have to be aware of their job objectives, goals and should also know their colleague’s roles and tasks. In such situations, there has to be a leader among the members. A leader can be a person who motivates and persuades others to accomplish the required tasks needed to be done. A leader can also be a person who acts as an arbitrator between the team members and the outsiders.


Apparently, the interaction between team members and cooperation on the task at hand is the most critical factor for the team’s performance. It is because this can help the team achieve its goals with effect. The dictionary claims interaction is an action in which two or more persons affect each other through communications. Hence, exchanging opinions, ideas and information on a particular issue help the team’s overall performance and make it more efficient and efficient. Interpersonal skills are something that is not necessarily taught to someone in a school. People develop them over time and cultivate their styles of communicating with their colleagues. Each team has a separate culture and might be different from that of the rest of the organization. It is these independent teams that build up a body and hence, a bigger picture, which produces the overall results.

The one benefit of working in a team is that individual negative qualities are offset, and the positive attributes of all members produce quality work. Usually, independent groups are known to provide the best possible job. For this, the cooperation between members; like decision making, assigning of work and brainstorming, hold members accountable and ensures team success. The factor that brainstorming leads to bringing all members on one page is an important one.


Self-improvement Plan is an apparatus which contains activities or yearnings situated towards any of the accompanying points and it ought to be viewed as a steady procedure including upgrade and advancement of capacities, abilities, and learning. Obviously, abilities review is critical for everybody who might want to set up PDP. Aptitudes review is an apparatus which is intended to help you to recognize your qualities, shortcomings, and zones for improvement inside different abilities zones.

There are four skills which are useful for team building;

Leadership Skill

In the working environment, chief ought to have a capacity to propel a colleague to move in the direction of a shared objective and take care of business keeping in mind the end goal to make the over execution more compelling and useful. For enhancing this expertise, I set a few exercises, for example, taking part in any gathering undertaking, perusing a book “Authority aptitudes for directors.” Amid a half year for enhancing initiative aptitude, I have been picking up a considerable measure of learning from where I received several opportunities for a rehearsal of ability. Fundamentally, I can convince individuals to concur according to my thought. Furthermore figure out a way to become a great pioneer in a gathering when doled out the gathering undertaking, for example, group’s talks and introductions amid homework. I likewise gain through perusing books that have initiative articles. Such books taught me to comprehend the contrasts amongst supervisor and pioneer; Pioneer’s imperativeness for exceptional work shows me a decency in pioneering([CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form.]).

Skill of Setting Priorities

Organizing abilities are vital for chief since the great director is a man who figures out how to design the timetable and partition time similarly between undertakings might be an advantage for the association. The aptitude fundamentally is merely an ability that I managed a most noteworthy analysis of all skills. Last year, I enhanced this talent a ton, particularly amid the MBA course. By and large, numerous projects must be presented punctually. Hence, this aptitude is extremely helpful; since I could organize every one of my works and chip away at the most imperative at every minute and present all my task on time.

Communication and Interaction Skills

Relational abilities are imperative for functioning as a group. Functioning as a group, Bad correspondence will unavoidably prompt loss of pay or more awful. My relational abilities toward the start of the course were sufficiently bad. The dialect was my obstruction since English isn’t my first dialect. Hence, taking part in any gathering assignment was the action which helpful for enhancing these aptitudes. Amid my course, I got many opportunities to enhance my relational abilities, for example, talk class, fill in as a gathering and impart to other gathering individuals. Besides, I have managed to learn a ton frame about the books correspondence. Keeping in mind the end goal to wind up noticeably a more powerful communicator, I have learned various correspondence’s stations, for example, notices – messages – gatherings – remotely coordinating – texting

Skills Required for Planning

Arranging ability is an aptitude that enables a director to expect issues and be ready in case they emerge. My activity gets ready for enhancing this expertise were perusing and inquiring about articles which are identified with a task. Recently, I read a lot of books that were helpful to my task, for example, the book about Human Resources. Aside from understanding, I practiced a few activities previously(Direct Labor Budget | Format | Example | Master Budget).

5. Information Technology Related Skills

As anyone might expect, IT aptitudes are vital in many parts of each work environment since IT abilities are still sought after, and IT might be the most vital factor for long-haul vocation achievement. From my expertise review above, I gave myself low evaluating because I got just vital capacity about IT. Accordingly, I wanted to enhance these aptitudes by doing a great deal of rehearsing in some PC applications which I as of now got the essential information about, for example, Microsoft Excel, web application. Moreover, I have learned more about some PC applications which I had never utilized, for example, Autofill with Formulae and capacities(What Are the Characteristics of Effective Teams – 1 What Are the Characteristics of Effective Teams A Team That Works Effectively Must Have a Clean).


In light of the skills given above, I did a self-analysis of myself. I studied myself and decided whether I have the qualities required to build a team and accomplish the feats expected of it. In the below paragraphs I have made brief analysis and ranked my skills according to what I noticed about myself.

I have noticed that I need to develop leadership skills. As mentioned, leadership is the process of influencing or affecting someone to do what I want them to do and understand my perspective. Leadership skills are considered vital to building a team. Even if I do not become a team leader, I would still need leadership skills to voice my opinions and make people understand my point of view. It is considered that leaders can build a teamwork positively and efficiently.

My leadership skills are not up to the mark. Though I am working on them, and I think that they are improving as I practice them more and more. My previous experience of group work during class has helped me considerably. It has helped boost my confidence level. Recently, I have started reading motivational books on leadership by famous personalities; like Robin Sharma. Reading has helped me visualize myself as a confident person who can have anything done.

My second analysis is related to skills needed to set priorities. I was of the opinion that this ability does not require much effort and can be acquired easily. However, during my studies, I realized that the management styles that we follow affect our decision making. I understand that I lack this skill and need to adapt myself to the organization I am working with, mastering it.

Another analysis was the communications and interpersonal skills. The key to generating practical and workable ideas through brainstorming is communications skills. During my classes, I have come to the opinion that two-way communication is effective during classes. It is so because students are required to answer to the professor and present their ideas. I have realized that I can communicate well in a two-way communication and am more vocal during it.

Fourthly, arranging aptitudes, as per the way that I need to present the more significant part of my assignments on time, along these lines, organizing, for example, what I needed to do, which book I needed to peruse, etc. these help me to present the majority of my assignments on time, and I got a sensible imprints for every one of them. This expertise can apply to any exercises which should be done in a specific time.

Finally, the skills most required is the Information Technology (IT) skills. It is essential in an office setting, considering that jobs these days need employees to work on computers. I understand the value of making PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets. I must say that I have done quite hard work to learn these skills. However, I am not good enough and need more practice to master my skills. I suppose more practice will polish my IT skills and help me become fluent in it.


In any territories of any business, individual who has a potential aptitude is continuously required. Hence, aptitudes improvement is critical for any individual who might want to land a decent position. For the most part, for a vocation searcher as well as it is for somebody who needs to enhance his/her abilities with a specific end goal to play out his/her errand more viable. By and by, this individual aptitudes advancement causes me to distinguish my capacity and abilities which I have to enhance and propel myself to accomplish my objective by setting an activity design. Despite the fact that, I have not performed every one of my plans as of now, but rather I trust that on the off chance that I keep take after my activity design, I will achieve my objective later on.


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What Are the Characteristics of Effective Teams – 1 What Are the Characteristics of Effective Teams A Team That Works Effectively Must Have a Clean.



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