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Targeting Uninformed Consumers – A Right of Businesses

The identification of one’s target market is the first step in establishing any business. It is a central finding of the market research and can save the company’s resources by defining the demographics of the consumers that they should target. It also informs businesses about the specific needs of the customers, providing them an edge over their competitors. The market of today is extremely diverse and numerous brands offer similar products. In such a scenario, businesses must use promotional methods that make their product notable among others; creating an impression on the customers that would lead to fostering trust and building a strong relationship. To achieve this, target marketing can be applied to educate uninformed consumers, however; certain ethical measures should be adhered to.

According to Buehler & Schuett, businesses have the prerogative to practice targeted marketing, with a focus on launching and promoting their existing and new products for a wider range of buyers (2014). Knowing the individualized needs of consumers enables companies to provide them with one-on-one assistance; ensures transparency and leads to higher customer satisfaction. Also, it leads to reduced complaints as focused support helps in educating the buyers in efficiently using the product (Okeke, 2017). The benefits of target marketing are not limited to businesses but also for consumers as educated buyers make sensible choices when choosing from a range of products (BBC News, 2014). Target marketing also helps companies tailor products according to the need of the consumers, set pricing according to market demands, and launch products in the most appropriate avenues (BBC News, 2021).

The benefits of target marketing are numerous however, to gain its fruitful advantages companies must ensure to remain ethical and refrain from the deceptive and wrongful advertisement in order to retain customers for a long time.


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