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How can we get the money from the government to put back into the youth community?

Youth employment is one of the ways through which help could be provided to the youth community. This is a part of “Sustainable development goals”, (SDGs) in the National Agenda however there is a gap of 2.5 trillion dollars in funding, so solving the problem of youth employment would need to be done creatively. If it is solved then the youth communities will be able to sustain themselves, fortunately; we live in the age of the Internet which provides us with an option that would be optimal for the youth. The National Agenda is investing its funds in giving entrepreneurial training to the youth, which will not only support the youth community but also make them able to create jobs for other youth (Dacosta).

How can this help child care?

This would be beneficial for the childcare industry as well because the young entrepreneurs might find this field to be easier to get started from. The child care industry has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a creative entrepreneurial approach may help in improving the industry for the better (Biemann and Bisson).

Final how can we get the youth to vote to get a better policy?

It is estimated that the youth (this includes people under the age of 30) make fifty-one percent of the Earth’s population, however; they are not part of the decision-making process. The percentage of the youth that is part of a parliament is only two percent and they will not be able to move towards prominent positions until they are at least forty years old, however; by that time their priorities would have shifted. “The Global Shapers”, is a global economic forum that works in youth’s interest and makes their voices heard. If numerous initiatives of similar purpose are made then the youth’s voices will be heard and this would drive them to vote as they will know that they are voting for a positive change. This change would be for the betterment of their futures so they will be willing to vote in future (Dacosta).

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