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Success Plan Essay

The metrics to measure success vary from one person to another. What others see as their ultimate goal might only be a small accomplishment for another on the way to one’s fundamentals objectives. Social status, reputation in community, wealth and assets, self-satisfaction, dominion and worth of thoughts are the parameters in which I evaluate success. Keeping each of these parameters in sight, I have managed to formulate my short-term and long-term goals.

Before sharing my goals, I would like to share my strengths and weaknesses. For strengths, I am passionate about volunteer work, social participation and possess strong thoughts to influence others. I have been able to successfully lead a number campaigns during school too which serve as adequate motivation to pursue new ones. Although, I own such strengths, yet there are downsides too. I am financially challenged for past few years, so limited budget impedes the implementation of any large-scale plan, as of now.

The goal I would want to achieve in the nearest future is to start a campaign to stir up the public for reforms in the healthcare sector. The initiative would not only serve as potential improvements in health care for the general public but would also work as my reputation enhancer. In seven years from now, I want to build enough fortunes so that I can start a welfare center for the less-fortunate portion of the public. To achieve that, I would strive to start my software development firm. In fact, I have already started working on my freelance profile which keeps the tendency to become the foundation of my ambitious plan. Owning a large sum of wealth is not the ultimate accomplishment as parameters of success, mentioned in the beginning, exhibit. I can achieve self-satisfaction mainly through working for the welfare of society.



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