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Students Who Works more than 20 hours a week

A parent always wants his/her child to be sensible, but some also want their teenagers to earn so that they can financially sport themselves. In some cases, teenagers themselves take jobs to lend their parents a helping hand. Some kids take this too serious, and they work more than 20 hours a week, leaving them with less time to take rest or study. In this way, not only student’s grades are affected, but they also start having a behavioral problem. Research shows that such students are found to be leaving the job altogether. As for them, it gets difficult to cope with academic pressure and job-related pressures. The more students work more their grades drops. Even few minutes of less sleeps matters a lot. Students who tend to get C’s, D’s and F’s were found to be sleeping 25 minutes less than the students who are getting A’s and B’s (Wolfson & Carskadon, 1998).

Another study shows a student who works from 1 to 15 hour weekly are more expected to complete the school whereas students working more than 15 hours are highly expected to quit the school. Such students also don’t get time to be involved in extra curriculum arranged by the school. An interesting thing that is found in those researches is that students who don’t work or have working hours more than 20 hours are less probable to attend college. On the other hand, students who work between 1 to 20 hours weekly are more probable to go to college. Sleepiness is another issue that those students can face. This problem can result in deaths and injuries as sleepiness can cause lapses and delay in response as during driving person has to take a decision in a split second. A sleepy person is also found to be short tempered and can involve in violence easily. Therefore in my point of view, it is in the best interest of a child to work less than 20 hours, and instead of working extra hours a student should try to get proper sleep and study some extra hours.



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