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When and How to Spy on your Life Partner with a Spying App

When you are in a relationship, no matter if you are a man or a woman; you need to make sure that your partner is sincere in his or her commitment provided you want a genuinely happy relationship.  Having a healthy premarital relationship is one the most desirable things in life. It is even more beneficial to have this relationship translate into a marriage. It can be life-shattering experience, at any stage of a relationship, to discover that you had been cheated and you spent a long time with someone who does not care a damn about your feelings or sentiments. To save yourself from being used as a sex object you can rely on a phone monitoring app that runs on computers also, named as TheOneSpy. It was originally developed for monitoring children, but it has found its way in spying on relationship freaks that your life partner might be one. It has some compelling features such as remote Real-Time Live listening by capturing the sounds from a mobile device microphone and host of up to 250 tools such as capturing snaps from the camera.

There is no rule of thumb to find out that your better half is cheating on you but there a telltale signs in the personality, habits and the behavior of a person that can lead you to conclusions that you are being deceived in a relationship. To catch a partner or a spouse who may be cheating on you can be a daunting and a risky task but you can use a mobile phone app named TheOneSpy (or TOS for short) that can give you irrefutable evidence to secretly find it out if he or she is cheating you.

The first essential step is that you have to observe the following signs in your partner to come up with a firm belief that you are being cheated before you secretly install this app into his or her mobile device. One of the most straightforward features of this app is that it can give real-time access and remote control to listen to the background noises and sounds taking place around the mobile device that your partner will be unnoticeably carrying in his pocket or purse.

But before you get to that extent, first let’s take a look at the signs that your partner may have to qualify for a cheater.

Concerns about the Safety of the Phone

A partner who does not share his or her mobile phone with you is more common than you may think. Whenever you take hold of the phone, he or she snatches it away from you. You may dexterously note his or her expressions of concern or terror on the face every time you do this but, be careful never give a glimpse or flash to his or her face, instead, make it look like a prank or a play. You may even notice that once you are told your device password, pin or pattern to access the phone for some reason, shortly after that the very next time you will find it changed. This is a clear indication that your other half may be hiding something from you.

Friends with People who are Deceivers

It is a proverb that “man is known by the company he keeps.” The habits of your partner’s friends can tell you more about your partner than you may ever imagine. Is your partner are an influencer or does he or she gets influenced by others? Even if he or she is an influencer, there is a fair chance that he may cheat you if he is surrounded by people who are Casanovas.

A Partner who is a Liar

Never ignore a lying partner. A lie, no matter how small or big, is after all a lie and you should not let this slip out of your mind. If you have caught your partner lying now and then, the chances are great that your partner has someone else in his or her life and he or she is deceiving you.

More Sexuality than Emotions

A partner who is too sexual and the feelings of love and other of intimacies are at the backburner in his relationship with you then you need to be concerned. Your partner loves to share with you content that is too sexual and you may think that he or she likes you. Moreover, if he or she is addicted to pornography, you are headed towards a dead end in your personal life. The lustful behavior of your partner can take him or her in encounters that will be a brute betray with your relationship. It is a clear sign that will turn your relationship to a disaster, and most of the time it can be affirmed that he or she is cheating on you.

The Solution via Technology

These are the most common signals that a true cheating partner will give you. You can stumble upon other signs also like he or she may be suddenly too restrained or passive towards you keeping you to an arm’s length.  Being too busy and unavailable all of a sudden can also be alarming.

If you encounter these possibilities, then it is high time that you do something that would make a red-handed catch. It can be done with simple access to his or her mobile phone for under a minute. Just download and install a simple app named TheOneSpy on the phone of your partner. It is a mobile app running on Android or Apple’s iPhone/iPad mobile devices that is full of many interesting and effective features, one of which is Real-Time Live Listening. Once you install this on a target phone, the device microphone is taken over by you, and you will be able to listen to the surrounding conversations and voices in the surrounding remotely on a computer or a phone with a web browser with Internet access. You will also be easily able to hack into the social media on the mobile device without any technical know-how. It is an action that will probably allow you to reach important decisions in your life about your relationship. If you find your partner to be void of any affairs and other wrongdoings, it will strengthen your to love more than ever before.



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