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In most cases, many individuals always inquire about the bodybuilding competition. This can be loosely translated that most people often relate the individual’s passion for diet and the competition of bodybuilding, as well as parading all the places around in a bikini. Moreover, the people who are conscious about their diet follows a classic workout responsible for bodybuilding drink a lot of odd protein shakes as well as eat numerous broccolis. However, it is important to note that following these classic diets does not offer one a direct qualification to the participation in the intense competition of the world of bodybuilding (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). It is therefore encouraged that a person should regularly work out to ensure that they are de-stress and have the feeling of empowerment.

Nevertheless, it is a common knowledge that bikini competing only concerns the appearance of the individual and not the actual competition of the bodybuilding. Besides, behind the sparkly bikinis, pumped muscles, fake tans as well as vascular veins are of the people, especially the girls, who have objectified their bodies. Bordo (1993) defines the fitspo as the images of strong, fit and active women which promotes diet and effective exercise, and thinspo to be the images of the women who are considered to be dangerously thin and in most cases used by individuals with eating problem to motivate, but both should ensure to remain healthier. Admittedly, the transformation from thinspo to fitspo may be perceived as a vital step to the right direction. Rather than having long hours of cardio as well as hardly eating, the use of instagram has come up with the programs to help in the lifting weight and promotes planned meals for the people.

Studies about fispo have established that fitspitaion information copies of afit praise. For instance, there is emphasizes of define muscles. Indicating that women are not only supposed to be thin but equally sty fit. Looking at the negative results linked to the exposure to the body images that are idealized as well as appearances reason. However, the instagram program is utilized as an instrument by the individuals in the sector of health and fitness industry in order to reduce the dominant ideology produced by the clinic of Obesity that promotes the idea of eating less while exercising more. Moreover, the ideal body shape is not just about remain slim, but rather being both slim and muscular under the notion that strong is the new skinny. Though is can can be perceived that the idea of culture of fitspo has distorted the way people think concerning the issue of work out (Simpson, & Mazzeo, 2017).

Further, it can be damaging to the women who are not in a position to adhere to the stipulated standards, especially the ones that are full time employed or having to care about their children hence does not have the time required. However, with the rise of the idea that fatness is both socially detestable and unacceptable, has pushed the women to do all it takes to remain slim and avoid gaining more weight, which sometime includes the most extreme dieting as well as spending long hours in the gym to ensure no weight gain (Thomson, 2007). Moreover, in the tyranny of slenderness, the notion of disorder of eating develop to a characteristic of situation of the fashionable women, that is to mean that since carrying fat on a woman body can be translated to being lazy or out of control of the body. Most ladies who participate in the competition in the bodybuilding have instagram account, perhaps it is the method to keep themselves responsible, or to check on their competitors who knows how to maintain their body shape (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). Moreover, these accounts permit the users to partake in the subculture of the bodybuilding competition.

The reason why some people women would never like to compete in a bikini especially in sports that needs the use of bikini for participants. First, some women have complained that the panelists, judges have harassed based on their appearances (Bordo, 1993). The reason whey some would not like to compete in a ridiculous diet. One of the adverse effects is insomnia as well as emotional breakdown. Admittedly, a typical meal should comprise of some chicken, broccoli s well as rice. However, some atheletes have cmpaled that the diet lacks souces of heathy fats. Most experts have argued that human bodies need healthy fats.

Many people tend to live stressed lives. We spend a lot of tie in our offices, and indoors; and we are continuously becoming disconnected to many places, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. One can go to gym anywhere but it is difficult to experience the privilege of a group/personal training in a striking atmosphere. Training programs offers freshness, beauty and fun with fitness alongside it (Rodgers, 2012). Many a times, some people are bogged down with the thought that fitness is rigid sort of exercise where one is locked up in gym. However, notably, people should realize that health and fitness can be done outdoors where people enjoy the serenity while training. It is important to note that health and fitness is not difficult to achieve, and that they do not need to feel to be disconnected with the natural environment while exercising (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). The training coarse one pursues will ensure that they get fit, eat well ad become empowered. Whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, and gain fitness, or rather just get fit, then group /personal training course is perfect for you.

There is need for people to embrace healthy living. With personal/group training, one is exposed to the equipment and a professional personal trainer to their places of choice; your home or parks, and demonstrate to you how to use such equipment (Ramazanoglu, 1993). The group training goals is motivating, and ne is inspired to regain their physical fitness or just maintain their fitness. Overall, group training goals are the ideal manner to raise your strength, endurance as well as overall fitness. Indeed, working out in a team setting is not only encouraging but also a stimulating element while excising (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). The variety and intensity remains to be key in taking your whole performance to the next level. It is for this reason the training aims to offer a wide range of programs to suit different lifestyles as well as varying levels of fitness. Also, one may get a more personalized method of training sessions with a specific goal setting, target, and access to ultimate performance instruction as well as tailored session program from the expert trainers.

Sports should be used to motivate and encourage a team or an athlete to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Sports helps maximize athletic potential. The implication is that it is essential to have a belief in one’s abilities and competencies (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). Indeed, the stakes in sports increases, the completion gets harder and the level of ply gets tougher then self believe begins to play a more critical role in performance. Moreover, beginner athletes may achieve success by accomplishing the task assigned to them by their couches (Szto, & Gray, 2015). Through their belief, they will witness their improvements by a step in dedication, training as well as frequency of competitions. It should be noted that as the talent stage increases at the professional level, self-belief becomes critical. Additionally, an effective coach, supportive team’s mates and parents can fill the void in self-belief, which an athlete may have (Bonafini, & Pozzilli, 2011). For instance, through regular, a coach may inject confidence by encouraging and expressing their belief, and the positive steps the player has made. Nonetheless, it is important that the athlete realize what he/she wants ta chive and make effort towards realizing their goals.

Also, training t may help in increasing athlete’s persistency and efforts in accomplishing their tasks. Through self-efficacy, athletes will believe in their own abilities to achieve their goals. Overall, mascot will help athletic in enhancing their mastery of their skills, enhance their vicarious learning and experience mental stability to perform better. Self-belief is influences by our past experiences as well as the performance (King, 2003). These exercise are important tools for forming beliefs. Someone’s belief affects the belief of other people in the sense that it will inspire athletes to continue working hard and pursue their dreams to achieve their goals. Ramazanoglu (1993) beliefs that this will also encourage the community to remain supportive of athletes.

If one looks for Bikini competitor, there comes a picture of skinny ladies on the stage. The photos of those girls are considers to be suffering fro, some disorders. However women should empower one another through the social media. However, instagram do not encourage unrealistic body requirements through the accounts of these ladies who are competing in bikini. Therefore, it is important for member of the society to support one another specially women who are competing in bikini. There is need to look beyond the notion that bikini is meant to expose skinny ladies. Thus, this, has conformed how societies depict the ideal body since many people look at the appearances.

In summary, body beguiling and diet have been associated with competition and how one can effectively compete. , many people need to involve in body building competition. However, the diet influences the heath of an individual. It is important for people to keep fit, and the society to support ladies competing in bikinis. It is true that the society judges these skinny girls in bikini as unhealthy.


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