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Speedway Industry Ltd Analysis


Speedway Industry Ltd is a profitable organization that intends to sell its products to the community and the world at large. Thus the operation of the company mainly depends on the company sales to its customers in the market. The involvement of the company and the project is essential since its goal is to increase the number of sales to the rest of the world.

Project description, benefits, and your role

The project targets at increasing the number of sales to achieve the organization’s objectives. This will be achieved through advertisement of the products, price strategy where the price of each commodity will be considered. Other strategies include designing of stores to increase the connection between customers and sellers, recording of the sales, event creation, make a move to outdoor customers and create time for the business. The analysis of the sales data can use Microsoft Excel or other software platforms like especially set for the enterprise intelligence.

This plan will be of greater beneficial both to the community and the other organizations. For the business corporations, it will be important in the provision of the tips necessary to generate more revenue for the company. The investors from the society will also increase their investments in different companies. Lastly, companies will create a partnership between the marketing team and the sales for better operation.

The role of the student is to create the best combination of the best strategies that will be essential in the marketing of the products. The student should also identify marketing loopholes, a collection of the data and analyze the data collected. Lastly, the student will submit the work to the board to enhance the complete satisfaction of the project.


The source of funds for the project will be from Speedway Industry Ltd. The funds will be used in the data collection, accomplishment of the sales strategies, and purchase of analysis platforms for the data.

To do list

The accomplishment of the project will follow the meeting with the board, identification of the strategies, funding of the project, a collection of the data, analysis of the collected data, selecting the best strategies that will be used in the in the company and lastly implementation of the strategies.

Project endorsement

The submission of the progress of the project should be made on a monthly basis. Therefore the student is encouraged to make use of the formal communications like an email or a memo to the board informing them on the endorsed project.



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