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Solar Temple Cult Essay

The cult belongs to a social group that has strange and even non-normative beliefs, and in most cases, the beliefs of these cults are absolutely absurd to the point that they are ridiculous. You would have had a hard time believing that people would follow such a stupid faith. Since ancient times, the human race has looked at the sky and wondered how everything around them arose, having no real physical answers, so faith and religion were born. Religion began with people who believe and worship deity companies who were responsible for certain things, such as the sun, water, time, love, nature, lightning, war and death. Since the time of the crucifixion on the cross of Jesus Christ, mankind has come to believe in the only omnipotent God. Thus, Christianity was born, and followed by Islam. It is true that people killed for the sake of all that is holy, and that religion was used as an excuse for people killing each other throughout history, but deep down, positive aspects of religion always outweighed negation. Religion offers people pacification and belonging, and it also instills a number of values and mores, but sometimes there are people who take advantage of the need of certain people to believe in a higher power that is where the cults come into play.


Order of the solar temple is a cult that emerged in the 1980s, its admirers believed that Jesus Christ would incarnate as the Sun God, and practiced beautiful medieval rituals that attracted unstable souls. However, the front facade briefly closed the essence of the destructive sect: from 1994 to 1997, members of the sect conducted several sessions of mass suicides, of which 74 people were victims. The Templars were a strong military order that occurred during the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church supported them, they were the main force during the Crusades, this group was the mastermind of the cult known as the Order of the Solar Temple. This group was founded in 1984, and at first, it seemed simply to be an organization of men who simply enjoyed history, but the view quickly changed when the ideology of the group took a dark turn to the true cult territory. In 1994, this group killed the baby, whom they considered the Antichrist, and this act led the group to conduct a series of murders and suicides that resulted in the death of dozens of people.

The International Chivalric Order. Solar Tradition was a destructive, doomsday cult founded by Luc Jouret in 1984. He was absorbed in the Foundation of the Golden Way by Joseph Di Mambro (1926-1995). While Jouret assumed much of the public leadership, the Emanuelle was ” the cosmic child .” Together, Jouret and Dimambro said followers that they would lead them. 1 They regard death as an illusion and that life continues on other planets. Solar Temple groups were organized in Quebec, Canada, as well as in Australia, Switzerland, and other countries. They follow a form of Christianity mixed with New-Age philosophy, homeopathic medicine and high finance. Jouret believed himself to be Christ. He ran into legal difficulties in Canada and was convict of illegally possessing gun silencers.

The leadership felt that the Solar Temple was being persecuted by various governments. They anticipated the imminent end of the world, due to environmental catastrophe, and that they were to play a major role in the collapse. They decided that some members should leave the earth prematurely and “transit” to a better world. Fire forms an important part of their belief. They believe that the world will end in fire. In order for them to transit to another world, they must die in a fire.

For many months prior to the murder / suicides, rumors of financial mismanagement had circulated within the Solar Temple. An infant, aged three months, was killed in 1994-OCT at their Canadian site by driving a wooden stake through his heart. Former group members explained that Di Mambro ordered the killing because the baby was believed to be the Anti-Christ described in the Bible. A few days later, Di Mambro and twelve followers had a ritual Last Supper together. A few days later, mass suicides and murders were conducted in two villages in Switzerland and in Morin Heights, a ski resort north of Montreal, Quebec. 15 inner circle members (called the “awakened”) committed suicide by the use of poison. 30 (called the “immortals”) were killed by bullets or smothering. 8 others (also called the “traitors”) were also killed.

On 1995-NOV-16, close to winter solstice , 16 of the remaining members of the group disappeared from their homes in France and Switzerland. Four left notes that hinted at a second time. 13 adults and 3 children were later found dead in a remote forest on the Vergers plateau, in southeast France. Investigators concluded on 1996-NOV-15 that at least four of the 16 did not die willingly. Three were children. The fourth, Ute Verona, 34, had her jaw fractured before she died; this indicates a struggle had occurred. Most had been given sleep-inducing drugs. During the trial, the Solar Temple leader Michel Tabachnik, French magistrate Luc Fontaine stated that two members – policeman Jean-Pierre Lanchet and architect Andre Friedli – shot the others, including three children aged 18 months, two years and four years. The two poured gasoline over their bodies, set them on fire, shot themselves and fell into the flames.

Five additional adult members, and three teenage children. Casimir, Quebec, Canada. The attempt failed due to faulty equipment. The teenage sons and daughters of their couples. They were allowed to leave, while the adults made their second, successful, attempt to burn themselves. Four of their bodies were arranged in the form of a cross. The teens were found drugged and disoriented, but not safe, in a nearby building. A note was found of the planet where the lives would continue.

Members of this religious group appear to synchronize their mass of murders / suicides to follow shortly after the solstices and equinoxes . The Quebec police carefully monitored the Queze family during the summer solstice in 1996. But there was no unusual activity at that time, or the following the 1996 fall equinox in September or winter solstice in December. So, the deaths just after the spring.

The police decided on 1997-APR-25 to not charge the three teen-age survivors of the St. Casimir mass suicide with arson. They are aged 13, 14 and 16. Although they were triggered by the incendiary device, they were under the influence of sedatives at the time, and had been psychologically affected by the members of the Solar Temple group. Other factors considered by the prosecutor were that they had tried to persuade the adults, and that they chose life for themselves.

The Solar Temple group continues to exist; it is believed to be over 30 surviving members in Quebec and from 140 to 500 worldwide. Additional mass murders and suicides in Quebec, France or Switzerland are possible following future solstices and / or equinoxes near the end of March, June, September and December. The Canadian police are limited by the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms ; they can not investigate. They can only investigate individuals.


The doctrine of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun”, leading its origin from the mystical order of the Knights Templar and some groups of Rosicrucians, is a mixture of astrology, alchemy, mysticism, yoga and cabalistics. According to the sect’s teachings, the Earth inevitably approaches the apocalypse, but death does not exist, being nothing more than an illusion. The adepts believed that in the next life they will be reborn.

The theorist of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, according to the police intelligence service of Switzerland, was 53-year-old Michel Tabachnik, a pupil of the famous French composer Pierre Boulez.

In the summer of 1996, a conference on new religions was held in Montreal. It was an expert from Switzerland Jean Francois Mayer, who helped the Swiss police conduct an investigation into the suicide of the adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun. Having been in the 80s at the lecture of one of the founders of the sect Luke Jure, he joined the sect to investigate it from within. Jean François Mayer believes that the leaders of the sect, Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret really believed that they received the highest revelation. They created within the sect “Alliance of the Roses and the Cross” – a narrow circle of the bearers of this revelation [ 2 ].

According to the teachings of the sect, after the hardest trials and cataclysms that will fall upon all the inhabitants of the planet, only the chosen ones will survive – the followers of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun”. The sect preached the idea of the need for advance relocation to Sirius. It was said that the adepts would leave the earth with a supply of knowledge that had been brought from outer space thousands of years ago, and that the time of the relocation to Sirius was approaching, where the followers of the order should find eternal bliss, where a new, beautiful life awaits them. But you can go there only by going into a ” different dimension “, namely, voluntarily parting with life on Earth by self-immolation. It was to this end that Di Mambro and Joure prepared their followers.


“The Order of the Temple of the Sun” was created in the mid-1980s by homeopath physician Luc Jouret and businessman Josef (Joe) Di Mambro.

In the “Order of the Temple of the Sun,” not all were accepted, but only people of influential, educated and rich, generously contributing to the budget of the sect, which was attracted to the sect, most likely, vanity. They were aware of their belonging to the elite, even if this elitism was associated with voluntary withdrawal from life [ 3 ]. Adepts were also recruited among the creative intelligentsia, which turned out to be the most vulnerable at the sermon. At the same time, sect leaders, according to the police, successfully engaged in large-scale financial fraud, including the arms trade.

In 1994, the reports of Western television companies became aware of the facts of 2 ritual suicides and 3 ritual murders in the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” in 1993-1994.

And on October 5, 1994 in Switzerland were found the bodies of 48 members of the sect: 25 – in two burnt cottages in the town of Grange-sur-Salvan, 23 – in Sheyri.

When firefighters arrived on call, they managed to cope with the fire, a thorough search was conducted in the house in Sheyri, where the fire occurred, and the adjacent buildings. In a large barn, unaffected by fire, the firemen found a chapel with walls covered in red satin. On the red carpet was inscribed a magic pentagon. Twenty-three of the dead lay, forming, as it were, the rays of the sun around the triangular pulpit, under the image of Christ with a bowl in his hand and a rose above his head (he was remarkably similar to Luke Jouret). Ten corpses belonged to men dressed in ritual clothing – red, black and white, depending on the accepted hierarchy. Twelve women were dressed in spacious gold with white dresses. In addition, among them was a twelve-year-old girl, who was later identified as the daughter of Joseph Di Mambro, Jure’s first assistant. Half of the dead had plastic bags on their heads. Some died with their hands tied. Twenty had bullet wounds to the head; some of them numbered up to eight [ 4 ].

The fire spared the tape recording of a muddled lecture about the Earth and astrology with allusions to mass suicide. The mystery was aggravated by the fact that the police found three rifles at the scene of the crime, while 52 shells collected from the floor belonged to bullets from a 22-caliber revolver not found. The answer to this riddle became known a few hours later, when a mile away from the village of Grange sur Salván, fifty miles southeast of Sheyri, an explosion exploded and flames burst from the three ski chalets used by Jure and the adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun “. Making their way inside the houses and tamed the fire, the firemen found twenty-five bodies, mostly on the beds. Five of the dead were children. None of these people were shot, but on the bodies of some they found traces of severe beatings. On the ashes found supplies of tranquilizers, syringes for subcutaneous administration of medications, intravenous drippers. People were drugged with drugs, and then burned alive. In some of them, the remains of plastic were attached to the faces, which indicated that they died with plastic bags on their heads. A 22-caliber revolver was lying on the floor, which, a few hours earlier, did its black job in Sheyri [ 5 ].

In the testament left by the adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, who betrayed themselves to fire in Switzerland, it was written: “We leave this world with unspeakable joy, people, do not mourn us! It’s better to think about your own destiny.Let our love accompany you in terrible trials, which will fall to your share at the time of the apocalypse “[ 6 ].

However, the slaughter on October 5 was not limited to Switzerland. At the same time, in Canada, in the Quebec resort town of San Savere, fifty miles north-west of Montreal, five more victims were found, among them a newborn child.Ironically, San Sawer means the Holy Savior.

Early on the morning of October 5, an explosion occurred in one of the chalets, after which the house caught fire. Firefighters who came on call found in the bedroom the bodies of a man and a woman. Both of them had medallions with a double-headed eagle and the first letters of the name “Temple of the Sun” on their chests. But they were not the only victims. Searching the chalet, the investigators found in the basement of the body two more members of the sect, the thirty-five-year-old Swiss Antonio Duthoit and his thirty-year-old English wife Nicky Duthoit. Antonio was the chauffeur and assistant of Di Mambro, and Nicky was the nanny in his family. A few hours later, another body was found in the basement, crammed into the radiator under the stairs. It was a three-month Christopher Emmanuel, the son of Duthoit. The head of the child was wearing a tightly tied plastic bag, the heart was pierced with a wooden stake. The boy’s parents also died before the fire, they were stabbed with a knife, found near the corpses, and then thrown into the basement next to the child’s body. Later, during the interrogation of adepts of the sect, the local police found that the child was killed during the ritual sacrifice a few days before the tragedy on the orders of Di Mambro, who claimed that it was the antichrist described in the Apocalypse. Allegedly, Di Mambro was outraged that the parents decided to conceive the baby without obtaining his consent [ 7 ].

In April 1996, the investigation that was carried out by the Swiss authorities lasted for 18 months. On April 3, 1996, almost two-thirds (37 people) of the 53 adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, who died in Switzerland and Canada in October 1994, officially died in Friborg, Switzerland, died without their will, and were killed , the remaining 16 committed suicide.

The investigation divides the victims into three categories: “inquisitive”, “immortal” and “traitors”. The first were fanatics of the idea of moving to another world, for them ” leaving from the earthly limits ” meant a kind of initiation. They committed suicide by taking a mixture of opium and analgesics. Their bodies were found in Grange sur Salván. In one of the cottages, the investigation found a recipe for a deadly cocktail, recorded by the leader of the sect, Luke Jouret.

” Immortals” are those who accepted the idea of ” transition ” theoretically, but did not intend to implement it in practice. They were killed mostly in Sheyri, where 21 of the 23 members of the sect took the strongest sleeping pills. In addition, several bullets were fired into each of them (the murder weapon – a long-barrel carbine – was found in Grange-sur-Salvan). And, finally, the “traitors”: three were killed in Canada, three in Sheyri and one in Grange sur Salvan.The bodies of the sect’s leaders were found in Grange sur Salván.

As it was stated, the investigation does not have data that would allow one to hope that the organizer of this mass murder or one of the witnesses is alive. As for the reasons for the incident, it is known that the Order was experiencing financial difficulties, its leaders were afraid of prosecution by those members of the sect whom they had deprived of property. On the other hand, the ideology of the Order was permeated with apocalyptic moods, and somewhere since September 1993 the sect began to prepare “for the transition to the future.”

On December 22, 1995, 16 more adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, including 1 girl and 2 boys from 2 to 6 years old, took place in the forest Alps, in the place of the Hell’s hole on the Vercors plateau near Grenoble, on the forest clearing. One of the children was a child of a local policeman. Some of the victims were shot in the head and then burned.

In June 1996, a famous Swiss composer and conductor Michel Tabachnik was taken into custody in France. He was charged that he was one of the leaders of the sect “Order of the Temple of the Sun”, which in the past twice organized ritual acts of collective suicide. In addition to music, the composer who was addicted to alchemy also composed theoretical works for the “initiated”, in which he expounded his views on the influence of ” cosmic masters ” on the lives of ordinary mortals. Michel Tabachnik was not only a theorist, but also an active propagandist of the teachings of the Order of the Temple of the Sun. For almost a decade he presided over the Goden Wase Foundation, which had the official goal of seeking young musical talents, but in deed; recruited new members of the sect. According to former adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, Tabachnik received about a third of all donations collected by the sect, as a fee for lectures and concerts with which he spoke. In one such lecture, Tabachnik announced the forthcoming ” departure” to the parallel world of several members of the Order of the Temple of the Sun. Among the dead in October 1994 was the first wife of Michel Tabachnik.

A sensation at the conference on new religions held in Canada in the summer of 1996 was caused by the report of the expert Jean Francois Maier working in the system of the Ministry of Defense of Switzerland that the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” may still exist, although the official structure of the sect has been abolished [ 8 ]. The researcher is familiar with the state of affairs in the “order” not by hearsay – in 1987 he entered the ranks for scientific purposes and spent several years in the sect, knew well its former leader Joseph Di Mambro and founder Luc Jure. According to the scientist, several ideological leaders of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” survived by going underground and continuing to keep around him a group of adepts who still believe in the teachings of the Order, maintain a link among themselves and possibly prepare a new mass suicide .

According to ITAR-TASS (“News from five continents”) of August 15, 1996, Mayer stated that when in 1994 the matter reached an awful ritual, many sectarians, especially the parents of small children who were also subject to killing, refused to obey the fanatics . Then they were killed – some were poisoned or strangled, and others were shot in the back of the head. After that, their bodies were burned, and then Di Mambro, Jure and some of their faithful followers took poison. Meyer believes that after all these bloody events, the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” as an organization has practically ceased to exist. Although at one time a “man of 700” gathered around the “Jure” lecture, almost all surviving members from among the deceitful or forcibly recruited in horror fled. But, according to the researcher, in 1994, Di Mambro, who had quarreled with Jure, created a split sect from the main organization, the “Rose and Cross Alliance”, which included the most fanatical members of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” who, perhaps, and is preparing a new ritual suicide or murder. Meyer’s warning is in full agreement with the recent report of the Quebec police, which says that at the present time in Quebec there are at least 30-40 sectarians hiding, among whom, perhaps, there are those who are personally loyal to the fallen leaders of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, who pledged to bring them it’s up to the end.

Some details of possible involvement in the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” by the Canadian company Hydro-Québec surfaced. So, the deceased leader of the sect, Luke Jure, at one time, at the invitation of the leadership, lectured in this company. Recently, one of the employees of this company said that he was dismissed, because he refused to take an oath of allegiance to the company’s management during a certain religious ceremony [ 9 ].

According to ITAR-TASS (“News from five continents”) dated August 12, 1996, it was decided to sell the property of four members of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun”, including its spiritual leader – Joseph Di Mambro and his wife Jocelyn – the dead on the night of October 5, 1994, during a ritual self-immolation in Switzerland. The authorities of the Canton of Valais opened on 9 August 1996 an official bankruptcy procedure, which should determine the fate of valuables (in particular, jewels, gold coins and cash) remaining after the deceased. Wishing to claim the right to inheritance is not yet. According to the authorities, the property of Di Mambro and the other three sectarians is very significant, and the proceeds should have covered the estimated costs of 50,000 Swiss francs. Foreign assets at that time had not yet been evaluated. It was assumed that in the accounts in Canada and Australia will be found from 100 thousand to 500 thousand francs. It was also planned to send one of the experts to France to assess the equity holdings of Di Mambro in a real estate company.

On the night from Sunday to Monday, from 23 to 24 March 1997, in Saint-Casimir, a hundred kilometers from Quebec (Canada), five more adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun performed ritual self-immolation: three French, one Canadian and one Swiss. Their children – a girl of 13 years and two guys, 14 and 16 years old – were found alive in the garage of the same house. Apparently, the parents decided not to take them with them and, pumping up sleeping pills, they hid in the garage. A letter explaining the motives for suicide is found in the house: the “transition” to Sirius, where they are waiting for the gurus and their followers who left before. Through the house were placed cans of gasoline, so that the house just miraculously did not have time to fly up into the air. The forensic psychiatrist Abgral previously predicted that a new tragedy is possible from March 18 to 22, 1997, since on March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned alive in Paris, the followers of which were the founders of the “Order of the Temple of the Sun” and on March 22 the daughter of Joseph Di Mambro was born, which he declared the reincarnation of Christ. It is announced that the French and Swiss police have intensified their observation of the sectarians and the circle of their acquaintances [ 10 ].

Temple of the Sun

However, everything said above does not mean that apocalyptic premonitions work and lead to death only when a group of believers is faced with a choice – to fight or die. Sometimes “dying” is the only solution, because others were not originally intended. It can be a group of apocalyptic Christians, or a group of mystical people, or even people who believe in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Created in the 80s, the Order of the Temple of the Sun was generally the Order of the Sun Templars, which included educated and creative people. Many rich Europeans were its members, it was considered prestigious, albeit expensive: contributions and donations in the Order were not small, but for those who wanted to achieve high posts – astronomical. The most venerable dates were the day of the death of Jacques de Molay and the birthday of the head of the Temple, Joseph di Mambro, whom he called the reincarnation of Christ – on March 18 and 22, respectively. In the Order there were eschatological moods: Mambro sincerely believed that the Earth days are coming to an end, that the epoch of darkness is coming, that you can be saved only by going to the heavenly gate to Sirius. Why Sirius? Because the basis for the rituals of the Order were the Egyptian mysteries, dedicated to Isis. It was a strange mix of Eastern cults, Kabbalah, mystics, fastened very similar to Masonic rituals. However, the mysticism was there with science, Mambro himself preached a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, environmentally friendly settlements, meditation and connection to the information field. Similar were the beliefs of the second founder of the Order – Luke Juret. However, the well-known composer and conductor Michel Tabachnik led the ideological base under the foundation of the Temple. Looking ahead, I will say that this is the only survivor of the entire leadership of the solar templar, and he had to stay long before the court awaiting the verdict before the verdict was passed: in compelling the members of the Order to die, he was innocent.

Everyone believes in what they want to believe. With this axiom, we come across throughout this book. Members of the Order of the Temple of the Sun believed in a strange, however, the idea: soon the end of the world will come, and we must have time to go to extraterrestrials on Sirius. There they have a complete idyll, not like on Earth. The end of the twentieth century was approaching, and predictions began to sound more and more often that the end would come either one year before the year 2000 or the other on its eve. Before the millennium, there were six years, when members of the Order committed the first group suicide.

On October 6, 1994, the newspaper Frankfurter Algemeine published the title “Mass suicide in Switzerland”: ”

“48 burnt corpses in the cantons Freiberg and Wallis.

A few more dead bodies in Canada.

In all likelihood, religious zeal led to the mass suicide of 48 members of the Swiss-Canadian sect “Order of the Temple of the Sun”, which occurred on the night of October 4 to 5 in the Swiss villages of Scieri and Grange sur Salvão. Another five burned in Canada, 75 kilometers north of Montreal, in the country house of the Master of the Order of Luke Jure. Thus, the number of victims of the mysterious action has reached 53. To date, among the dead in the conflagrations in Switzerland and Canada, the body of the Jure has not been found. It is possible that he survived.

The police assume that all houses were lit up at the same time as a result of someone sending a cunning signal – in all probability, in the form of a phone call. Twenty of the twenty-three burnt bodies in the village of Scieri were found to have gunshot wounds. On the heads of ten of them were stretched plastic bags. There is a strong suspicion that most of the victims of a fatal fire have passed away in a drugged state.

All the dead were dressed in ritual robes. It seems that the custom of the sect ordered its members to wear ceremonial ceremonies of the three colors prescribed for their position in the community: white for the lowest rank, red for the middle and black for the higher. Most of the charred bodies were clothed in white robes, some in red, and one in black. ”

Two days later another German newspaper reported that there were doubts that it was suicide.

“The Canadian police report that of the five bodies found after the fire at the Canadian master’s villa of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, Luke Jure, on two – male and female – there are indubitable traces of violent death, and the body of their two-year-old child is pierced by a wooden arrow that reached the heart.

This message aroused in the Swiss police a suspicion that the mass tragedy in the two cantons is nothing more than a murder, staged as suicide. The warrants for the arrest of Jo di Mambro and Luca Jure are issued, whose corpses have not yet been found among the charred remains in Salvana or Scieri.

The owner of the supermarket in Salvane identified Jure on the photo presented to him – he recognized it as a customer who, several days ago, bought two packages of plastic garbage bags in the supermarket. ”

Two days later, the same newspaper found the possible cause of the now mass murder, although admitted that one of the leaders of the Order was found and he was dead.

“This morning, after the identification of the victims of the fires in two Swiss cantons, the police inspector of the canton Wallis announced that one of the corpses burnt in Salvana was undoubtedly identified as the corpse of the leader of the sect, Jo di Mambro. The corpse of the Master of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, Luke Jure, was not found among the victims of the fire. In a program dedicated to the mysterious death of dozens of people, Canadian television reported that the Order of the Temple of the Sun used its exceptional position in Canada to launder illegal money and smuggle weapons. There are reports that operations on the illegal arms trade brought Jure and Di Mambro at least one hundred million dollars. ”

So, cleaning up dirty money, smuggling weapons, mass murder. For what? For the sake of profit, of course. After all, Jure and Mambro always had incidents when the rich members of the Order suddenly began to see and began to demand their millions back. But why the team then? What do you mean why? They are sadists, thieves and murderers. Oh, if everything was always so easy to explain! Of course, the master and his assistant tried to get rich members into the Order. Maybe they even used them for cash injections, assigning a high fee for the honor given to them. But obviously the presence of the dead body of Mambro showed that he too decided on his flight to Sirius! So he believed in his ideas, otherwise he would not have died. This was forced to admit and expert from Switzerland, Jean Francois Mayer, who helped the Swiss police to investigate the suicide of the adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun. For the sake of studying such an incomprehensible community, Mayer even joined the Order, and he argued that Joseph di Mambro and Luc Jouret really believed that they had received a supreme revelation. Ordinary members of the Order of Revelation were not informed, but the inner circle, which they called the “Union of the Rose and the Cross”, about the imminent death of the planet and the need to switch to Sirius was known. For a qualitative transition, it was necessary to purify the spirit from the body – that is, to commit self-immolation.

Boyle, in his book about the killer sects, adds curious details: in Shieri “in a large barn, unaffected by fire, the firemen found a chapel with walls covered in red satin. On the red carpet was inscribed a magic pentagon. Twenty-three of the dead lay, forming the rays of the sun around the triangular pulpit, under the image of Christ with a cup in his hand and a rose above his head (he was remarkably similar to Luc Jure). Ten corpses belonged to men dressed in ritual clothing. Twelve women were dressed in spacious gold with white dresses. In addition, among them was a twelve-year-old girl, who was later identified as the daughter of Joseph di Mambro, first assistant of Jure. Half of the dead had plastic bags on their heads. Some died with their hands tied. Twenty had bullet wounds to the head; some of them numbered up to eight … “In Grange-sur-Salvan” found twenty-five bodies, mostly on beds. Five of the dead were children. None of these people were shot, but on the bodies of some they found traces of severe beatings. On the ashes found supplies of tranquilizers, syringes for subcutaneous administration of medications, intravenous drippers. People were drugged with drugs, and then burned alive. In some of them, the remains of plastic were attached to people, which indicated that they died with plastic bags on their heads. ” In yet another chalet, they found it unclear why the baby’s body pierced by the “arrow”. Boyle writes that this was done according to the ritual: allegedly “the child was killed during the ritual sacrifice a few days before the tragedy on the orders of di Mambro, who claimed that this is the antichrist described in the Apocalypse.”

The investigation divided all the victims into three types. The first sincerely believed in the possibility of moving to Sirius and willingly committed suicide, they did it exactly according to Master Luke Jouret’s recipe, which they found in one of the chalets – with the help of opiates and strong anabolic drugs; the latter were more theoreticians and were afraid of the very process of depriving oneself of life, so they were pumped up with sleeping pills, and the survivor shot them, sleeping, at point-blank range; and several people were killed as traitors, which led to this conclusion, it is not entirely clear how incomprehensible and what treachery was discussed. But after a scrupulous study of the remains, it became clear that there was no need to look for Luc Juret anymore. His body was identified, it was found in Grange sur Salvão.

However, on this massive care for Sirius the case did not end. The next suicide took place on December 22, 1995 in a place with the murderous name of Hell’s Hole near the town of Grenoble, in the mountains, right on the forest clearing. There were killed 16 more people, three of them children, all the bodies were burnt.

A year later on the night of 23 to 24 March 1997, a similar case occurred in Quebec (Canada). The five members of the Order committed suicide and then arranged a funeral pyre. This time the children were alive: the adults who went to Sirius locked them in the garage.

A year later, on January 8, 1998, the police finally managed to intercept the initiative of “blazing astronauts”. Mass deprivation of life itself followed by burning was to occur in the Canary Islands (Tenerife island), high on the summit of the Teide volcano, which, as the psychologist Heide Fitkau-Garth discovered in visions, will arrive a “plate” that will carry the “rescued” on the same Sirius. This time, 32 people were going to commit suicide, four of them were children. However, this company did not hit any Sirius. The suicides managed to be arrested, and both Interpol and the police of Spain and Germany participated in the action.

On this seemingly suicidal adherents of the Order of the Temple of the Sun ceased. Maybe the millennium has come to an end, and maybe the rest of the “Templars” preferred to leave one’s life one by one, which is not so noticeable. Or, in the end, the faith in Sirius faded away, because all those who passionately wanted to escape the earthly Apocalypse, had already moved closer to the stars.

However, do not think that the Order of the Temple of the Sun is the only secret organization that practiced apocalyptic suicides. In 1997, in the city of San Diego (California) committed a group suicide 39 people of different ages: the youngest was 26 years old, the oldest – 72 years. All of them were pumped up with sleeping pills and poison, and, like in the case of the Order of the Temple of the Sun, plastic bags are put on their heads. The community to which the suicides belonged was called the Celestial Gate. All the victims turned out to be programmers. On his website, which was also called – the Celestial Gate – they published materials about UFOs and the possibilities of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. As the year 2000 approached, the members of the Heavenly Gate became more and more convinced that the Earth would perish in the apocalyptic flame, so we urgently need to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and run away, while there is still time. Moreover, in the appearance of the tail of the comet Hale-Bopp appeared in the visibility of the Earth, one of the programmers saw a disguised ship-womb. The head of the Heavenly Gates Marshall Applewyte believed an Internet joke: he urged his brethren to shake off the dust of the mortal world. So the transition was made. In order not to be so scary and not so disgusting, the “heavenly gates” were sent in groups of fifteen people, each ate their portion of sweet cream with sleeping pills, then two “inspectors” put plastic bags on their heads and tightened them around the neck with straps. The two of them also took a poisonous cream, but there was no one to put their bags on their heads … In a farewell letter, Applewood wrote: “We came from the next Subhuman Level, from a distant cosmic country, and now we came out of the bodies we wore to return to the world from where we came from. Our mission is complete. ”

On the eve of the last day in the earthly bodies, members of the Heavenly Gates have arranged for themselves a farewell feast: they watched (for the umpteenth time!) Their favorite film “The Empire strikes back”, sat in a pizzeria, ordering themselves for a large vegetarian pizza, and then paid off and went to Its a luxurious mansion to fall asleep and wake up in a completely different world – happy and beautiful. This last party on the Earth crashed into the memory of the waitress serving them: the girls who testified at the police were convinced that the strange visitors were patients of the hospice: the terrestrial bodies of the members of the Heavenly Gate were so pale and exhausted



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