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Society And Individual Rights

Individual rights were clearly discussed by our founding fathers, and at any time, the foundation of a certain free society is based on these rights. They highlighted the right to personal life, liberty, and the exercise of acts that make an individual happy. They stated that strong societies are created by many people enjoying personal liberty together. Individual rights are crucial necessities to illustrate the freedom of any given person in a society. For instance, in a situation where politicians start imposing huge taxes on products and legislation for the welfare of the public, there is a risk of coming into an era of the free society, which began a long time ago. Below are some major thesis points distinguishing community rights from individual rights.

Each society has its own set of individuals who agree to obey the rules for both the society’s rights and the members’ rights. If the community makes a sacrifice for individual rights rather than the greater welfare of the entire society, the enforcement of the society rules as a result is hard. On the contrary, when society places individual rights first, there is no common well-being of the entire community. It is always a must to strike a balance between society and individual rights. For instance, traffic rules regulate society’s movement and drive along roads and highways. The same members are taxed by the government in order to support the running of services and balance the economy. It is unethical to exploit individual rights for the benefit of society. However, without subject participation, there can be a misappropriate allocation of resources; thus, the entire society suffers. It is always advisable to have this balance between these social and individual rights. Community rights are laws that keep our individual freedoms from destabilizing society or other people’s rights infringements. For example, traffic rules and airport restrictions, amongst others (Shamoo & Resnik, 2013).

According to the founding principle of the freedom of individuals in the United States, every person can exercise his/her own religion without being influenced by the state, either directly or indirectly. It also stated that there is no taxation without representation of the individuals. The individual rights are protected from government interference by the political and judicial systems. Sometimes, on a social basis, the expansion of personal freedom and the right defaults to protect community rights. Legalizing abortion, gay marriage and other immoral actions may always increase personal freedom. Many causes of the rights are perseverance in the community and to protect the citizens (Shamoo & Resnik, 2013).

Individual rights can be measured alongside the society rights to make it easy to outdo the existing fact that a group of individuals forms a society; the best way to describe this is to highlight the individual rights of a group of people against the ones for a single person. The rights of society are protected by the governing body of a country to ensure there is no exploitation (Shamoo & Resnik, 2013). For instance, the right to vote makes sure that all citizens participate in the formation of a government of their own.

To conclude, it is important to protect individual rights. In today’s market, the real problem is the exploitation of individual rights, probably by the government or the state. The government balances individuals via policies, thus claiming special privilege over individual rights.


A. E. Shamoo, and D. Resnik,2013” “Individual vs. Community: Balancing Rights, Benefits & Risks,” New York: Oxford University Press.



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