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Society against the Nation-State Essay


The State word in the realist world is really important and concerning where everyone is really sensitive about the territorial issues. All are struggling till yet to work on achieving power. The developed stats try to dominate the other countries same we found at the level of the country with diversifying nature have issues with regards to their sustainability because there are dominated by strong people and developed person who has said in the arena. Mostly in this scenario society goes against the nation-state (Clastres,1987).

The world was elitarian and everyone was getting its equal share while living in the society but with the rapid change of time it has been removed because nation interest is changed and later on the interests of the individuals and they tried to dominate and learned to get power on others. Therefore they are able only to get the things and achieve their moral status in term of the monastery. Also looking to the things which are growing with time are seriously hurdle for us like as changed into arranged form we still abide by such laws they are supporting some special groups of society which focus other to rebel in this scenario and effect the norms and social structure (Wallerstein et al.2011)

As industrial revolution came on rising people tried to change their criteria of investment in their life, and they were focusing the jobs which give them limited time with full pay of work while living in urban areas became golden opportunity to develop their skill and life. Also, they thought it is the source of their standard life development. The modern state form is changed from an early modern age where people are having their mobility and have good access to the things which mainly people are now living unit compound life while technology is at its peak. But nowadays there is society against nation regarding many things because they have access to everything (Wynne et al., 2016).

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